Review Of Boxcitement Subscription Box- ‘The Dinner Party Box’

boxcitementI was recently gifted a 1 month subscription to boxcitement so I could review the monthly subscription box on my blog.

I had heard of the box before as I have seen unboxing videos on social media.  It is a ‘surprise’ box  (unless you log on to their website and have a peek at what is going to be arriving!) that you order on a monthly or one-off basis and it you get things like stationery, crafts, little gifts, gift wrapping goodies, jewellery, home accessories etc.

The boxcitement box costs as follows :- £18 for a one-off box, £18 a month if you only subscribe a month at a time, £17 a month if you sign up for a 3 month subscription or £16 a month if you sign up to a 6 month subscription.

Here is the box as it arrived through my postbox – I LOVE that it actually fits through the postbox! It means you won’t have to go and collect the parcel from the sorting office if you are not in when they deliver. Fab news! My daughter was truly excited when the box arrived through the post …..she was very intrigued as to what was inside!

The contents of all boxcitement boxes are designed by the ‘Boxscientists’ and as a team they are constantly coming up with new ideas and designs for things to put in the latest boxes. They work with a select team of suppliers, makers and printers to create their inventions just as they envisage them…and exclusively for Boxcitement! Numbers are limited and they can only be purchased through the boxcitement site – so super exclusive!

boxcitement contentsI received the ‘The Dinner Party Box and it contained things you would need for a special dinner occasion and some little bits for the host :-

  • Letterpress invitations with metallic envelopes (Read about letterpress printing here and here)
  • A personalised box of 4 after dinner chocolates
  • Grosgrain wrapping ribbon
  • Four scented candles with two paper doilies
  • A specially made ‘boxcitement’ dinner party planner
  • A personalised recovery kit for the morning after your dinner party (contains 2 little sachets of eye gel, a berocca energy tablet, a lip balm and some ear plugs)
  • Stylish crafting kit – make your own wire and glass bracelet.

boxcitementThe presentation of the box was lovely and it was well thought out. I’m afraid the chocolates had no chance of ever seeing a dinner party because as soon as my daughter saw them I said we could share them.  After-dinner mints are one of her favourite chocolates.

The tealight candles were such a pretty colour – lime green and pink and they even came with two matching paper doilies so you could present them nicely on the dinner table.

The invitations haven’t been used yet but I have put them away for a future time when I do indeed have people over for dinner. They are very good quality and look very posh as they are letterpress and been made exclusively for the boxcitement box. 🙂

The bracelet kit was very sweet and I have told my daughter she can help me when I make it. It seems to be quite simple to do so it will be nice for us to both make this together. She loves to craft!

The grosgrain ribbon co-ordinated nicely with the candles and the metallic shimmer of the invitations. You could easily use this ribbon to make some bows to dot around your dinner table or maybe blow a couple of balloons up and use the ribbon as a tie. Alternatively you could add the ribbon to your craft or gift-wrapping box to be used at a future time. My lengths of ribbon went into my sewing box as I will be using them on a future sewing project.

The morning after recovery kit contained a few different bits and bobs. There was a Berocca tablet to give you energy, ear plugs to block out the noise – so you can get to sleep after a long dinner party night (My daughter had never seen these before and was most intrigued as to what on earth they were! They were soft and squishy and looked like they were made from play-doh!), a lovely fruity lip balm (which my daughter acquired straight away! ) and a couple of little sample size eye gels to calm down the eye area of your face for the day after your dinner party.

boxcitementYou can no longer order The Dinner Party Box but orders are now being taken for April’s boxcitement box. If you would like to place a one-off order or to subscribe then please click here.  I wonder what the box will contain ….how boxciting!

You can follow the boxcitement team on social media. They can be found on Facebook, Twitter , Pinterest and Instagram! They are very socially active which is something I love in a company. They even blog! You can read all about why the company came about by visiting their About Us page.

I think this is an ideal box to subscribe to if you have a love of stationery, design and surprises! 😀

boxcitement pricesYou can visit the boxcitement website here –>

Any questions you may have can be sent to and you won’t believe it but they can even ship worldwide! How fantastic is that! Postage is free within the UK but for orders outside the UK there is a flat rate charge of £6 shipping for the box.   You can read through their FAQs here.

If you sign up to receive their newsletter you will be sent a 10% discount code to be used against your first order. Yay! Subscribe here!

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  1. Pierre

    Thanks so much for the lovely review of our ‘Guess who’s coming to dinner’ box, we had lots of fun putting this box together. We’re looking forward to hearing how your dinner party goes!


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