Review Of My Floral Me-Mo Car Seat Covers! They Are Blooming Gorgeous!

me mo car seat coversI recently bought a new car. Not ‘New’ new but ‘New-To-Me’ new! 🙂 Shortly after that I discovered Me-Mo via twitter and the lady behind the company , Ruthie, kindly offered to gift me some of her car seat covers to review.    Eeek! So exciting! How was I going to pick which design I wanted though?! If there had been red and white polka dot covers you all know me well enough to know I wouldn’t have been able to resist them but as there wasn’t I had to make a decision…I’m not good at those!

In the end, after umming and ahhing, I chose the ‘Big Red Roses On White‘ car seat covers as they just looked so bright and cheerful.  They retail at £54.00 (Me-Mo online shop) for the two front car seat covers and they are a universal fit so they should fit most car seats with head rests in small to medium size cars. I have a Vauxhall Astra and they did indeed fit the seats.  My front seats of my Astra are slightly bucket seat in shape with raised sides and at first I thought this meant that the covers wouldn’t fit as the fabric of the floral covers was pulled slightly taut but once I sat on the seats they were fine as the back fabric of the seat covers is stretchy which meant the cover adjusted to the seat once you sit down. Yay! I was worried I would have to let someone else have the pleasure of having fancy front seats….thankfully not!

me-moThe rose print covers I received are made in the UK and they are constructed from high quality cotton sateen fabric and they have black stretch backing material. According to the site these seat covers measure 32″ from the top head rest to the seat, 20″ from the back rest to the front edge of the seat, and 22″ wide for the seat. The top of the seat covers measure 10″ wide and widen out to measure 22″ wide for the rest of the seatback. The headrest or the top of the seat should not be wider than 10″ for the covers to be pulled down properly.    Please note that the covers will not fit cars that have seat belts attached to the seat (usually cabriolets) or cars with arm-rests or with side airbags that may obstruct the covers.

me-mo seat coversThe rose print car seat covers that I received are air-bag friendly….. I’ll be honest here –  prior to receiving these seat covers I had no idea I even had air bags at the side of my car! Good thing I now know. The photo above shows how the car seat covers are designed so that the air bag part of the seat is left exposed so they should work in the case of an accident.

Me-Mo have lots of different car seat covers to choose from and the price of each set of 2 front seat covers depends on the fabric and features of the car seat covers. My particular red rose covers have a special handbag pocket on the front passenger set which you can stash your handbag in so that your bag is close to hand and doesn’t fly off the seat when you brake. It also means that it will stop your car making that beeping sound to remind you to put your seat belt on your passenger….your beloved but ‘weighty’ handbag!  I love the pocket as it is really useful! It has plenty of room in it for my handbag and some other bits and bobs such as my demister pad and a couple of CDs etc.

car seat coversWith lots of the designs you can even buy a matching steering wheel cover and seat belt pads! How funky will your car looked when it is fitted out with all these beautiful Me-Mo goodies!! 🙂 (all items sold separately) Some designs even have matching rear seat covers available.

I think the car seat covers are beautiful and one of the best things about them is that they make it much easier to find your car in a car park as you can soon spot the covers!  They are made to a very high standard and it is obvious a lot of time and effort has gone into making these covers.  The quality of stitching is great and there are loads of lovely designs to choose from.

You can shop Me-Mo products in various ways. There is the main website, an etsy shop, and an Amazon shop.  You can keep up to date with the lastest news and offers by following Me-Mo on social media. They are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

me-moMe-Mo was founded by Ruthie in 2007. She loves driving and created her business because she wanted to provide women with fun and fabulous gear for their cars. You can read more about the history of her business here on the Me-Mo blog.

You can read reviews from happy customers on this link —>

*I’d like to say a big Thank You to Ruthie for sending me these seat covers to review 🙂 I love them! They are so cheerful!

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