Review Of Reusable Food Pouches For Little Ones From ‘My Pouch’

My Pouch reviewMy sister was gifted a set of reusable food pouches to review from ‘My Pouch‘. These practical food pouches are designed for you to put homemade baby food in so you can feed your baby/toddler/child healthy homemade food when you are out and about.

These pouches were not about 6 years ago when I had my daughter but if they had have been I would have definitely bought them!

They are extremely affordable at just £9.99 for a set of 10 pouches! However if you use code ilovecoupons you can get an extra £1 off the price…so that is just £9.00 for plus P+P of £3.50 (Free UK & European Delivery on orders over £30).  So a grand total of £12.49 (using code) for 10 pouches. That works out at just under £1.25 per pouch!

When you think about the fact you would pay about £1.25 or more for a pouch of ready-made baby food that once it is empty you bin…then you know you are getting a bargain. These ‘My Pouches’ are reusable and can be used again and again! Yes you will have to pay for the food you use to make up the homemade baby food but it shouldn’t normally cost too much to make pureed baby/toddler food plus you have the advantage of being in control of what you put into the food that you make for your child.

There are tons of recipes on the internet for food you could make to put in these pouches. You could gain inspiration from the ideas on these sites and then let your imagination run wild with exciting food ideas for your little one!  Some examples are as follows:-

banana pureeBanana Puree – ‘Annabel Karmel’ First Foods Recipes. More ideas on this link.

Butternut squash puree – ‘Made For Mums’ Baby Puree Recipe. You will find 29 more puree ideas on this link.

Creamy Polenta puree – Recipe on the ‘Weelicious’ website. There are another 100 puree suggestions on this link

Cherry Smoothie – Recipe on the My Pouch website, More yummy smoothie ideas on this link.

cherry smoothie

My nephew is nearly 9 months old and he loves all sorts of food already. It is brilliant that my sister can make fresh homemade food for him and then freeze it in these pouches so they are ready to take out and about with them when needed. As he gets older he will love the independence of being able to hold these pouches to feed himself. Plus it is handy for my sister that she can have ready-made but ‘homemade’ food supplies ready for when she needs them.

The ‘My Pouches’ are reusable, durable and most importantly convenient! They are BPA Free, dishwasher and freezer safe! The pouches have a zip seal closure and all you have to do is pop open the bag, fill with pureed food or smoothie and then reseal the zip-seal. Your child can then be spoon fed or feed themselves via the spout which has an anti-swallow safety screw top cap.  Each pouch can hold up to 8 ounces of food.

My sister has said she thinks the pouches are a great idea! She will be getting lots of use out of them as my nephew progresses on his weaning journey 🙂

You can purchase the My Pouches on this link and they even sell a set of 5 spare caps in case you need extras because you are worried about misplacing lids when on your travels with your ‘My Pouches’.

It would great if you could Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Big thanks to the ‘My Pouch’ team for sending these pouches to my sister for review.

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