Review Of Wisdom Kids Toothbrushes. My Daughter Loves Them!


Like Mother, Like Daughter!

Just been going through my camera & found a random ‘review’ pic my daughter had taken ages ago.

Lovely toothbrush, nicely set out photo …but it hadn’t been sent out for review.  We’d bought it 🙂 Seems she wants to be a reviewer like mummy. Bless! 😀

Must be she loves the toothbrush though if she decided to photograph it for a potential review. Have to say they are rather lovely with the decorated handles and bright colours.

toothbrushSo if you are looking for a kids toothbrush may my daughter recommend Wisdom Toothbrushes to you. 🙂

I believe we paid £1 for a set of 2 in Poundland….but this was rather a long time ago now.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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