Ingenious New Invention That Parents Will Love – LapBaby! A Unique New Product Designed To Secure Baby In Your Lap Leaving Both Hands Free!

lapbabyIf you are expecting a baby or have just had one then you must definitely read my sponsored feature about a new product on the market – LapBaby! It is an ingenious seating aid that is designed to secure your baby in your lap!

This unique product is designed to allow you to hold your baby in a sitting position on your lap….. but without using your hands! A comfortable-to-wear wide belt fastens around your waist and also around baby so that you can then have both your hands free to eat your dinner!

lapbaby hands free seating aidNow if you haven’t yet had a baby yet then you may not realise just what a good idea the LapBaby is. It is very easy to take for granted how easy life is when we can use two hands for eating a meal, typing at the computer or reading a book but once you have had a child you will soon realise that it is much harder to do those simple tasks when you only have one hand free as the other hand has to be used to keep your baby secure on your lap! Yes you could put your baby in a bouncer or high chair (if they are old enough) but when they won’t stop crying because they want mummy it is natural to want to hold them close to comfort them….even though your dinner then goes cold!  lapbaby hands free seating aidAlthough some people may not think it is all that important to be able to have your baby close to you so you can use the computer or read a book…it actually can be! If you are a work-from-home parent (like myself) then it is great that LapBaby gives you the freedom to work from the computer whilst still being close enough to comfort and engage with your child. Also if you are a student parent that needs to read a lot of textbooks then being able to have two hands free to hold the textbook with must be a godsend!

When my daughter was little I would have loved LapBaby to be around! My daughter is now 6 – so too big for anything like this – but had it been available when she was little I would have loved to have had one as I am certain I would have used it on a daily basis – especially at teatime! 🙂

lapbaby hands free seating aidIt is wonderful that LapBaby allows you to be able to hold your baby close while still being able to read them a  storybook. Babies love to look at books but it can be hard to turn the pages of some books with just one hand but if your little one is seated in LapBaby then you won’t have that worry!  🙂 It is also a great opportunity for them to be forward-facing in situations that they might not normally be as involved in – such as conversations at the dinner table.

The LapBaby is basically a wide belt that straps around the waist of an adult and it has a velcro flap at the front that fastens around your baby’s torso so they are kept sitting securely on your lap whilst enabling you to have the freedom of being able to hold your child hands-free! There is also a buckle clip that fastens around the outside flap around your child’s waist for added security. It is a simple but practical idea …one that I bet we all wish we had thought of first! 🙂

The seating aid features a washable and detachable lapcloth that unfolds over baby’s legs and your lap. Plus there is a handy attachment poppered clip that can keep your child’s dummy/toy close by. Love the sound of these additional features! The inventor of LapBaby – Chloe Roberts – really has thought of everything! 🙂

This video shows you how to use LapBaby! –>

I haven’t actually used or seen the LapBaby but by the looks of the video I certainly buy into the idea that your child would be happy and content if they were sitting in close vicinity to their mum, dad or whoever is caring for them. I’m sure they would love being forward-facing and being able to be get engaged in mealtimes rather than sitting away from the table in a highchair or bouncer.

From looking at the media coverage for LapBaby it seems that everyone loves the idea of the product as much as I do! I think I would definitely have enjoyed using this product with my daughter when she was little, had it been around back then! When my daughter was a baby I always used a front carrier to make my life easier but you couldn’t really use them whilst in a sitting position as it wouldn’t have been comfortable for baby. The LapBaby would have been the answer!

lapbaby hands free seating aidTo be honest I do think some babies might be wrigglier than others so some parents may find it takes a little while longer to get their baby used to sitting in the LapBaby but even if you found you only used the LapBaby once a day at dinnertime for a few months then I’m sure it would be worth your money. It’s like baby carriers – some people find they couldn’t live without them – while other people don’t get on with them at all! I very much loved my daughter’s carrier as my daughter always settled better when held close to me…that’s why I can appreciate that parents will love this new product!

I love that LapBaby is an easy to use product, small enough to take out and about with you and affordable – at just £24.99. It comes in a compact carry bag that can easily be popped into your changing bag or under your buggy so you can always have it with you when you need it. Be that at a friend’s house, out in a restaurant or just in the waiting room at the dentist. I also think it would be really handy to take on holidays with you as when you are in the airport waiting lounge sometimes you are not allowed to take your stroller with you and if you had the LapBaby with you at least you could sit comfortably waiting for the plane and hold your baby without getting arm ache! You could also use it on the plane while you are travelling – Chloe did this on a trip to Greece (with one of her prototypes) and she says that “the whole experience was so much more enjoyable” as she could read and entertain her daughter throughout using both hands!

LapBaby was invented by mumpreneur Chloe and she came up with the idea of the ‘hands-free seating aid’ 2 years ago whilst on maternity leave with her first child.  She has spent the last 2 years researching, prototyping, safety testing and seeking advice from industry experts and fellow mumpreneurs and she is now incredibly excited to be able to bring LapBaby to market.

She said that since having her second child “the product has become even more of a necessity, especially at mealtimes” and that “With LapBaby the BEST thing of all is that our babies experience the natural close contact they LOVE, and get to take part in what we are doing!”

This photo shows Chloe and her children enjoying a jigsaw puzzle – you can see from this photo how the LapBaby is easily integrated into family life.

lapbabyLapBaby only launched a matter of weeks ago, on the 1st May 2016 ,and it already seems to be very popular with parents. You can see some testimonials here.

LapBaby is suitable for babies from 3 month old and it says that it only takes a few seconds to put on. The product is free from harmful chemicals and allergens so it is perfectly soft and gentle on babies sensitive skin.

My favourite quotes of Chloe’s are when she has stated ‘ The day I stopped having to ask my husband to help cut up my Sunday roast was a happy one…xx’ and ‘my husbands ‘eureka’ moment was when he realised he could use it to play the Xbox!’ whilst still being able to watch and engage with their child.

lapbaby inventorAny parent who is currently trying to eat their dinner or carry out any number of every day tasks with just one hand – as the other is holding their baby – will relate to how Chloe must have felt when she realised that her invention could make life with a baby a little bit easier. 🙂 Well done Chloe! Your LapBaby invention is going to be a big hit!!

You can purchase LapBaby on this link (Worldwide delivery is possible!) –>

Please take a moment to follow them on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.  It is important that we all spread the word about this innovative seating aid as currently it is just a small business but one day I can definitely see this going global and you can play a big part in that by purchasing a LapBaby and telling friends and family all about it.

It has been a pleasure to write this sponsored feature about LapBaby and if you have any questions about the product you can get in touch with them on this link.

Update:- I have just shown my Mum the post I have written about LapBaby and she is totally in love with the idea! She just wishes that someone had invented the seating aid back when my siblings and I were little as it would have made her life so much easier!

There was only 16 months between me and my brother and my mum says she can think of countless times that a LapBaby would have been of use to her. She says that she would have sat my baby brother in it on her lap whilst brushing my hair or playing games with me. She says she could have easily peeled potatoes for tea or blow dryed her hair after a shower – all the while whilst being able to comfort her baby. They only sound like little things but it is those little things that can really make the difference!

If only it had been about 30 odd years ago! At least Chloe has now made sure that it is here now for modern day living and at such an affordable price it can easily be bought as a gift for yourself or someone you know who is having a baby. Buy LapBaby now! 🙂

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