Review Of The New Ora Kitchen Towel Base & The New Ora Handy Pack

Ora reviewMy mum was delighted to be offered the change to review a new holder/base for her Ora kitchen towel stack and also their new handy pack size of Ora. Now if you haven’t seen my previous Ora review then you can check that out on this link –> Review Of Ora Kitchen Towel

Ora is the new kitchen towel on the block and each sheet of kitchen roll is round, instead of rectangle! It is innovative and quirky but most importantly it is fantastic kitchen towel!

  • Ora stays in one piece when wet – so perfect for mopping up spills!
  • It can be removed from the ‘stack’ one-handed – so perfect when you only have one-hand free to grab the kitchen roll with!
  • It is eco-friendly as one ‘normal size’ stack of Ora is equivalent to 2 whole kitchen rolls and yet it uses 20% less packaging. That means 30% fewer trucks are needed to deliver Ora – so that’s 30% less pollution and congestion for all of us!
  • It is superb quality and can be used as a tissue, napkin, cloth, glasses cleaner (my favourite use! It cleans glasses lenses a dream and leaves no lint behind like normal kitchen roll).
  • It is made in Britain.
  • It just looks cool standing on the work-top with it’s pointy shape that look like mini party hats.  🙂
  • And now  you can buy a funky lime green or gloss white holder you can even get it to co-ordinate with your kitchen!

My mum absolutely loves Ora…so much so that none of us really dare to use it as she prefers us to use the cheap stuff for ‘just wiping our hands’ or ‘cleaning the table’. Ora is destined for much better things!  And those things are to be decided upon by Mum! 😀

As you’ll see from my last review (when my Mum was first gifted Ora to try out) I did manage to nick a couple of bits to do crafts with…I drew a 3D hand on one piece and my daughter drew an Ora colour wheel. Now you might think I sound fairly odd drawing on the Ora but over on the Ora social media accounts you’ll see they do all sorts of craft things with it….they even coined the phrase ‘Oragami‘!

ora baseAnyhow, let me tell you about the new Ora bases / kitchen towel holders. They are just £3 each and they are made of plastic. They replace the cardboard bases that each stack of Ora comes with. They look pretty, brighten up your Ora and they make the whole stack of towels a bit sturdier – although they are very sturdy without the base as well. I would say the biggest advantage of the holder is that you can transform one full size stack of Ora (approx £1.90) into 2 or more stacks – depending on how many holders you have! So you could have one in the lounge and one in the kitchen. Handy! Ora bases are only available to buy from selected Tesco Extra stores. You can see which ones on this link.

However if you only want to buy a half size pack of Ora in the first place (same size as 1 kitchen roll) so you can try it out or so you can have a small stack of Ora on your desk – then you can now buy the new Ora Handy Pack for just £1. It is the ideal size for keeping in the caravan (which is what my mum is going to do with the one that she was sent) or taking into work to put in your office.

I like the fact that Ora have introduced the new Handy pack size as I think it will mean a lot more people purchase the kitchen towel to try it out and then ultimately they too will be hooked, just like my mum!

Please note that Ora is only available in selected Tesco stores but at present that means you have over 1300 Tesco stores to choose from! Yay!

You can visit the Ora website by going to and you can follow them on social media. The links are as follows –> Facebook , Twitter , You TubeInstagram


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