Review Of Bespoke ‘Believe’ Zentangle Artwork By Doodle Belle Designs

Believe Doodle DesignI consider myself very lucky to own this original doodle design that was custom made for me as a gift (for review) by the lovely Michaela from ‘Doodle Belle Designs. It was so kind of her to gift this to me.

I chose to have the word ‘Believe‘ doodled for me as I thought it would be an great piece of motivational artwork to have in my home for my daughter to see.

I home-educate my daughter and I think it is important that she believes in herself – whether it be belief in terms of educational skills or belief that she can be whoever she wants to be and do whatever she wants to do with her life. I think this wonderful artwork is very inspirational!   Thank you so much Michaela. 🙂

This has pride of place in my home and it is admired by whoever sees it.

Believe Doodle DesignYou can see from the photos that there is a lot of detail in this doodle design! My daughter absolutely adores this artwork as she knows it was made especially for her.  🙂   I believe it is a Zentangled design.

She loves the addition of the little fairies sitting on the ‘B’ and ‘E’ , the teeny butterflies, the intricate drawing of the large butterfly,  the 3 bees buzzing and the spotty toadstools (I love these too! You all know how much I love polka dots!)

There is a tiny signature that nestles under the ‘V’ and on the back of the framed artwork is a label stating that it is made by ‘Designs by Doodle’.

The white frame looks fantastic in my lounge as it matches in perfectly with my white wooden IKEA units that I bought a few months back.

Here is a photo that shows the design from start to finish. This was originally posted on her facebook page –>

Believe Doodle Design 1If you would like to order yourself a bespoke Zentangle Doodle Design drawn for you by Michaela then you can get in touch with her on or by calling 07977 473088. You can also get in touch with her via her Doodle Belle Designs Facebook page or her Word Memories Facebook Page or Word Memories Twitter Account.

Word Memories is her other creative business and on her website she sells custom made ‘shaped word art’ made from meaningful words.  I reviewed a Giraffe Shaped Word Art from her last year. I would love you to take a look at the review.

Click here to see the Review Of Giraffe Shaped Framed Word Art From Word Memories.

giraffe-shaped-word-artIf you would like to order a ready made design then please check out the Doodle Belle Designs Redbubble store where you can order designs printed on phone cases, cushions, mugs, tote bags and so many more products besides!

In the photo a below you will see a few examples of items that are available to order on Redbubble –>

printed productsThe Zentangle designs that Michaela creates are amazing. The ‘Bride and Groom’ design cushion that you can see in the photo above would be fantastic as a wedding gift for a special couple and everybody would love to own the ‘Doodle Art Fairy’ tote bag!

I think her next big project should be an adult’s colouring book as her designs are so wonderfully intricate and detailed that they would be perfect for colouring in! I bet a colouring book of Michaela’s designs would sell out as soon as it was published!  🙂

I cannot stress enough how talented Michaela is! She has drawn a beautiful piece of art for my daughter and she will treasure it forever!


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