Review Of Lockable Window Restrictors from Insight Security.

lockable window restrictorsMy brother needed to get some Lockable Window Restrictors for his family home and I said to him that I knew just the company that would have them –  Insight Security!

I have reviewed for them before so I thought I’d see if they would like to send my brother a few window restrictors for me to feature on my blog and the lovely team at Insight Security said yes and sent him the 3 that he needed….Thank you so much Chris and team!

The window restrictors haven’t yet been put on my brother’s windows as he is still in the process of renovating the house but we have had a good look at the restrictors and they appear to be simple to use! Take a look at the photo above.

The restrictors are £8.95 each (excluding VAT) and they come loose in a plastic zip-lock bag along with a printed sheet of fitting instructions. You can also view them on the link below –>


lockable window restrictors According to the Insight Security website – ‘Research by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents indicates that there are over 4,000 accidents in the UK every year involving children under the age of 15 falling out of windows! …and there are of course, many others who suffer the same fate including older children and adults of all ages.’

These lockable window restrictors are suitable for use on all kinds of windows (and even doors) including uPVC, aluminium, wooden and metal profiles and they exceed the strength requirements of EN 16281.

Lockable Window Restrictor Features & Benefits

* CE Marked
* Provides child safety for windows and doors
* Prevents accidents due to open windows
* Stops children escaping from unlocked doors
* Allows safe ventilation
* Provides peace of mind
* 20cm wire cable is covered with a plastic sleeve. When fitted it can withstand forces over 100kg,
* Provides approximately 10cm opening (a 10cm opening is the recommended maximum for safety and security applications).
* Restricts the window or door opening
* Durable zinc alloy cast body with attractive cover housing
* Works with horizontally opening windows
* Easy to install
* Locked with a key. As a key is provided, the restrictor can even be used on fire escape windows providing the key is kept in easy reach of the window.
* Suitable for all windows and doors
* Supplied with 4 fixing screws, locking key, cable cover and base covers

To fit these window restrictors basically you drill holes in the fixed  central frame part of window (see photo above) and also on the part that opens wide and then you screw the restrictor onto the window. It can then be locked with the supplied key so a child can’t undo it – thus possibly falling out of the window – however with the restrictor locked into position the window can still be opened enough for fresh air to get into the house to circulate.

Insight SecurityIf you would like to purchase some window restrictors from Insight Security please visit their website on this link –> If you need to place an order of between 6 and 10  restrictors for your home the price goes down to £7.95 each (excluding VAT) and for bigger orders than that you will need to speak to them to discuss the discounted price. Their telephone number is 01273 475 500 and the email address to discuss placing orders is

Insight Security offer a No Quibble Guarantee on all their products and that means that you really have nothing to worry about when choosing to purchase from them. To read their customer testimonials visit

It would be great if you could stop by and visit them on social media. You can find them on Facebook, Linked InTwitter , You Tube.  Following them is the best way to keep up to date with their news and special offers. 🙂

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