Review of The Handmade ‘Candle In A Tin’ Collection From Clive’s Candles

clives candlesI was ever so kindly sent two candles to review from Clive’s Candles. I saw the company at the East Anglian Game & Country Fair and after that Clive offered to send me a couple of his wonderful handmade candles to review on my blog. 🙂

I had a tough time choosing which candles to pick from the ‘Candle in a Tin‘ collection as there are soooo many lovely fragrances to choose from! In the end I went for Tropical Heat for myself and Summer Evening for my mum.

Fantastic decision! My mum thinks the Summer Evening candle is fantastic. It is a really heady , floral scent and she was delighted when I gifted this to her to try out. As for me…I am truly in love with the Tropical Heat candle! The Pineapple and Coconut scent is just so summery and delicious-smelling! It brings to mind thoughts of beach holidays, Pina Coladas and sun tan lotion.  It is my favourite candle I have ever been sent to review …and I have been sent quite a few over the last few years! 🙂

candleThe ‘Candle In A Tin’ are £10 each and well worth it because of the quality of the scent , the length of burn time (approx 40 hours according to the website) and the fact they are handmade.

I love the branding – it looks sophisticated, I adore the scents – 20 to choose from in this collection! and I am very impressed by how well the candle burns.  I have burnt my candle lots but I still have loads left! When you want to extinguish your candle all you have to do is put the lid on! The lack of oxygen will put the flame out and because you haven’t had to blow out the candle you won’t get the black sooty smoke or smell! Also leaving the lid on the candle when it is not lit will mean that the scent is preserved.

ccandles032015-76Here is the current list of candle scents that you can order from the ‘Candle in a Tin’ collection – Green Fairy (Aniseed, Spices & Herbs), Baby Powder, Black Coffee, Blackberry Bramble, Summer Evening (Bluebells and Sweet Peas), Clean Cotton, Paradise Beach (Creamy Coconut), Beach Garden (Honeysuckle & Jasmine), Indian Summer, Tranquil Moments (Lavender & Geranium), Oriental Fusion (Lemongrass & Geranium), Mint Melody, Morning Grapefruit, Tropical Heat (Pineapple & Coconut), Refreshing Watermelon, Sandalwood Treasure, Sea Shore, Spiced Apple, Sweet Memories (Violets), Wild Cherry.

You can order from the collection on this link –> ‘Candle in a Tin’ Collection

candle collageAs you can see from the collage photo above, ‘Clive’s Candles’ also offers other types of handmade candles such as ‘Pillar Candles‘, ‘Unity Candles’ and ‘Afternoon Tea Candles‘ as well as holding candle making workshops from his studio in Swadlingcote, Derbyshire.

You can see all the candle collections over on the website –

Prices vary from one range to another. All of the candles are ideal as a treat for yourself or as a gift for someone special.

clive's candles Clive started his business ‘Clive’s Candles’ as a part time job that ran alongside his ‘day job’ as an Executive Coach and Leadership Expert (He has a background in Behavioural Psychology) but in the end his handmade candle business has taken off and ‘Clive’s Candles’ is now his full time job! The business is family run and everyone helps out where they can with packaging orders, thinking up candle ideas, etc.

Clive is very proud of his ‘handmade in UK’ badge and it is great to hear that he tries his best to source UK products wherever possible. 🙂

If you would like to visit the website to place an order please click here.

It would be great if you could spare a moment to go and show your support of this artisan candle making business by following them on twitter and liking them on Facebook.  Thanks so much.







2 thoughts on “Review of The Handmade ‘Candle In A Tin’ Collection From Clive’s Candles

  1. Anne

    I was given a sweet memories violet candle by my daughter this Christmas as I am not a candle person
    I was a little surprised but when
    I lit it and smelt the beautiful aroma all through the room
    I could not believe it, it is absolutely beautiful and so powerful the perfume goes on throughout the life of the wax,
    I will be putting another one on my Christmas list in the future.


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