Stunning Fashion Jewellery From Belinda’s Handbags & Accessories. Plus A Bracelet Giveaway!

belindas handbag and accessoriesI have reviewed a couple of times for the lovely Belinda over at Belinda’s Handbags and Accessories but this is the first time I have hosted a giveaway for her in one of my review posts. How exciting!

Today’s review is about a pretty necklace that she gifted to me but as with many of her items – she only had the one of these (that’s why it is always best to buy from her online shop as soon as you fall in love with an item – otherwise it may sell out) – so the giveaway item is something different.

The prize is a braided infinity bracelet with a wraparound style featuring a scottie dog motif. It is the pawfect giveaway prize!  You can see a little picture of it above.

You can enter the competition via the Gleam giveaway form at the bottom of this blog post.

belindas handbag and accessoriesSo first to the review! Belinda offered me this necklace and I thought it was beautiful so quite happily agreed to feature it on my blog. It is a gold metal with a big green gemstone. It is very intricate and looks like it is worth much more than it’s price tag of under £10. It looks as though it might be slightly heavy to wear but that is not the case which is great. I am not a fan of jewellery that weighs me down!

belindas handbag and accessoriesThe necklace is cheap and cheerful and that is just what I am looking for when it comes to fashion jewellery. I’ve never really bought myself expensive jewellery as I’m afraid it will break and then I’ll have wasted my money.  Belinda’s Handbags and Accessories sells affordable fashion jewellery and handbags that won’t break the bank but they will make you stand out from the crowd!

As I mentioned earlier, I’m afraid this necklace is no longer available to purchase however there are tons more that you could buy.

Here are the places you can shop for some lovely jewellery or a new handbag :-

The Website –

The Amazon Store –

The eBay Store –

If you ever wish to treat yourself to a new piece of jewellery then you know where to go!

Now it is Competition Time!

Belinda’s Handbags and Accessories kindly agreed to send one lucky winner a ‘braided infinity bracelet with a wraparound style featuring a Scottie Dog and Best Friend motif.’

The competition is only open to UK residents and it closes at 11.59pm on the 25th September 2016. Entry is via the Gleam form below so there are lots of ways you can gain entries.  Best of luck!

Win A Braided Infinity Bracelet Featuring Scotty Dog Motif From Belinda’s Handbags & Accessories

UPDATE August 2018 –

Belinda’s Handbags and Accessories has moved to









38 thoughts on “Stunning Fashion Jewellery From Belinda’s Handbags & Accessories. Plus A Bracelet Giveaway!

  1. Judith Allen

    I can’t decide – I would love to keep it, but I think my mum would love it too. I don’t actually wear jewelry, I love it, but never get round to wearing any. So a gift to mum would be the best thing.


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