Want To Show Someone You Care? Buy Them A Care Package From Kiss My Parcel.

kiss-my-parcelIf you have ever wanted to buy a gift for someone you know that is in hospital then you are not alone. We have all been there and we have all wondered what exactly we should get that shows we are thinking of them but most importantly…that we care.

kiss my parcel cold & flu care packageNadine from Kiss My Parcel has addressed the gifting issue and developed the Hospital Healing Care Package that you can order from her website and have it delivered to the recipient in Hospital.

kiss my parcel hospital care packageYes you could spend hours traipsing around the shops buying the individual items in the package yourself but then you’d have to package them up and post them off. if you were not close enough to be able to take your gift yourself.

Nadine has made it possible that you can quickly go online and order a care package and have it posted straight out to the recipient. Maybe you can’t be there by their side in hospital  –  but your warm wishes and caring thoughts certainly can be!

kiss my parcel diet care package Nadine has also designed Care Packages for many other non-commercial gifting occasions such as when someone has suffered a bereavement or when they are fighting hard to stop smoking.  When these significant events occur in the lives of our friends and families it is only natural that we want to show that we care and offer our support – in some small way – but it is always hard to know how to do that. By sending a Kiss My Parcel Care Package to them you are showing the recipient that they are in your thoughts and that you are there for them- whatever they are going through. Be it ‘Starting University‘ (This package is coming soon to their site) or ‘Recuperating In Hospital‘.   kiss my parcel stop smoking care packageThe price of each parcel varies depending on the contents. Currently the cheapest parcel is £24.99 and the most expensive is £54.99 – but that could change as a newer care packages are added to the site. I believe new Kiss My Parcel packages due to arrive in their online store in the coming weeks are New Parents Package and New Baby Package – what a great idea!

kiss my parcel bereavement care package

Now the reason I am writing this post is because I discovered ‘Kiss My Parcel’ on twitter and after reading the reason behind the brand name I felt compelled to write about the company.  You can read about the reason in the photo below or click here to read it on the website.

about-us-kiss-my-parcelI think Nadine’s Uncle Steve would have been very proud of her for what she is achieving with her company. It is so important to let people know that you are there for them in their time of need – whether it be for sad reasons such as during a bereavement or during joyous occasions such as a birth of a child. The Kiss My Parcel care packages make it easier for people to be able to express this sentiment whilst at the same time gifting them with items which they will find useful.

I wish her every success in her business and I urge you to take a look at her website and to tell others about it please.

You can order a care package online at www.kissmyparcel.co.uk.

Please take a moment to follow the company on social media. They are on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

I am hoping to receive one of their care parcels for review on my blog in the near future so make sure to keep your eye out for that feature!


* This is not a sponsored post – I just wrote it because I would like you to all know about the company and the lovely Care Packages you can order from them. It was only after I had offered to write up this post that I was given the opportunity to review for them in the future. 




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