Review Of ‘Lost My Name’ Personalised Book For Children. The Ideal Christmas Gift!

lost my name book reviewWhen I was offered the chance to review a personalised storybook from Lost My Name I really did jump at the chance! I wanted to get the book made up with my 1 year old nephew’s name in it as I knew my sister would love reading it to him for many years to come.

I was given a one-off voucher code so I could get the book free for review purposes and I had to go through the ordering process on the website.

characterIt was so simple to order the book, it really was! These are the steps you have to take to place your order:-

  • Pick the book you want – there are two personalised books available (The Little Boy/Little Girl Who Lost His/Her Name  and The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home Book)
  • Enter the name of the child who you want the book to be for
  • Choose which language you want the book printed in (It is available in English (UK), English (US), German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish & Chinese)
  • Say if the book is for a girl or boy and then pick which character you want to use for the book (See photo above for options available)
  • Click CREATE!
  • With ‘The Little Boy/Girl Who Lost His/Her Name’ Book you will then have the option to make changes to the animals that feature in the story book. So in my chosen book (The Boy Who Lost His Name) because the child’s name is CHASE the character in the book will meet animals that start with the letters. C.H.A.S and E on his journey to try and discover his name. I chose to have the animals as Chameleon, Hippo, Aardvark, Seal and Elephant – but I could have made changes if I had wanted to (See photo below)

lost my name book review

  • Once you are happy with the animals in the book you then need to choose the format of the finished book –
  • Softcover – £19.99 – This original (and best-selling) softcover book is made with thick, child-friendly paper.

    Hardcover – £29.99 – This hardcover format has a sturdy cover with a lovely glossy, laminated finish and thick, child-friendly pages.

    Deluxe – £34.99 – This Deluxe edition comes with a hardcover, a cloth-bound spine, and arrives in a lovely presentation case.
    I opted for the Softcover version as this was the book which my voucher was valid against.
  • You can now choose to have a special dedication message added into the book at no extra charge. You can either use their suggested message which is ‘Dear —–, We meet a lot of magical and wonderful creatures throughout our lives. These are just the first. We hope you meet a whole lot more.‘ or you can write your own personal message in 400 characters or under. I opted for the suggested message and just added ‘Love Auntie Kim’ and some kisses.
  • All that is left to do now is click ‘DONE’, followed by ‘BUY IT NOW’ then just add your payment and address details. Delivery is free – not only within the UK but to other countries too!

As you’ve seen, the ordering process of the Lost My Name books is self-explanatory and not difficult at all. It is really quick and simple and once your order has been placed you just have to wait for your personalised book to arrive! On average it takes 3 – 4 days (excluding weekends and bank holidays) for UK orders to arrive but that can vary depending on the time of year, etc.

The same day the book arrived I gave it to my sister for my nephew. He is too young to understand just how special his new book is but as he gets older he will soon start to realise!

lost my name booksI am very impressed by all aspects of this book. The website is easy to navigate, the book ordering process was easy peasy, the parcel arrived quickly and last but not least – the pages in the book are amazing quality and the book has been made to an extremely high standard!

I am not going to deny that close to £20 is a lot of money for a storybook but this really is so different to any other gift you could buy with that money. We all know that you could get a lot of books from the discount stores for that amount of money but none of those cheap and cheerful books will get the same reaction as a personalised one from Lost My Name!

The story is really well written, the illustrations are engaging and endearing but most importantly this is not a copy and paste personalised book where one name can be swapped out for another or another – this entire story of ‘The Boy/Girl Who Lost His/Her Name’ centers around your child’s unique name (whatever it might be and however many letters it may have in it!) and the journey of the character in the book discovering their name through the animals it encounters on each page.  You really will love it!

If you would like to place an order for a personalised Lost My Name book then please visit The book would make a fantastic Christmas gift! Not long to go now! 🙂

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