Review Of The Master Plan October 2016 – December 2017 Diary

the master plan diary 2017You may have noticed that next year’s diaries are now available in the shops  – how exciting that it’s not long now until 2017! 🙂 Well today I have a review of The Master Plan 2017 diary which is available from It was kindly sent over to me so that I could review it on my blog.

The Master Plan starts from ‘October 2016’ and goes through until ‘December 2017’. When it arrived a few weeks back my Mum clocked it and took a shine to it straight away. As I knew she didn’t yet have a diary I said she could have it…but only if she promised to write in it and start using it! Sometimes she is as bad as me and has diaries but then never writes in them – or she has one, uses it for a few weeks then forgets to fill it in! That hasn’t been the case with The Master Plan – as soon as it arrived she started to writing in it and getting organised by jotting down when she has to be at work meetings and babysit grandchildren, etc.! 🙂 The Master Plan 2017The Master Plan 2017 has an RRP of £25.00 but it is currently on sale for £18.50 (until Oct 23rd 2016) and you can buy it here –>

I love the bold fuchsia pink colour of the diary as it is bright enough that it will help you easily find the diary when it is hidden in your handbag with the million other things that reside in there!

the master plan diary 2017Here is the description of the diary from the EatWell-UK website –

  • Stylish design, bound in a beautiful Italian fabric Handbag sized,  ( 14.5cm x 21 cm and 1.5cm thick) so you’ll always have it when you need it most
  • Week to each page opening, for at a glance planning
  • Elastic Closure, ribbon marker, perforated removable notebook, perforated corners help make this Master Plan Diary so very functional.
  • Keep on top of it all with space for menu planning, birthdays and your never-ending to do list
  • Includes UK school holidays and public holidays (as well as those for Australia and New Zealand).  Perforated so you can remove what is not relevant to you.

My Mum likes the elastic closure on the diary and she thinks the idea of removing the perforated corner of each week after it has passed is a good idea as it will help you find your place in the diary each time you use it.

the master plan diary 2017She likes that The Master Plan looks smart enough that she can use it at work and she has found that because the diary is well organised she is more inclined to want to actually use it and fill it in. The Master Plan has the option that you can use each row for a different member of the family but she doesn’t need to do this as there is now just my Mum and Dad at home – we have all flown the nest (although we go back all the time! 🙂 ).

The diary has spaces each week for you to write people’s birthdays and anniversaries plus there is a ‘To Do This Week’ box and also a row that you can write each night’s dinner idea in.  There is a page dedicated to Family Details, a 2017 Vision Planner and also there is some pages which tell you important dates for 2017 /2018 and also school term dates for 2016. I mustn’t forget there is also a handy little removable notebook with perforated pages at the back of the book.

As we are still in October now is the perfect time to buy The Master Plan so you have a new diary to use for the rest of this year and then all of 2017. Even if you don’t buy it now while it is on sale , but instead wait for later in the year (as long as stock is available) then this is ideal for making sure you are super organised in 2017!

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*Thank you EatWell-UK for sending my Mum this diary for review 🙂



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