Review Of The Fantastic Tubble (Compact) Inflatable Bath. The Bath That Fits In A Wet Room!

tubble inflatable bath reviewMy sister was delighted when the Tubble Inflatable Bath arrived for review.  In her house there is a wet room with no bath – but that is no longer the case! Now that the Tubble bath has arrived and been inflated she now has a ‘Bathroom’ in her house instead of a wet room! 🙂

I had contacted Tubble to see if they would gift me one of their inflatable bathtubs to review and I was so happy when they kindly agreed. Thanks Tubble!

We opted to be sent the Tubble Compact rather than the Tubble Royale as space is limited in the wet room and we didn’t want to run the risk of the bathtub not fitting in the room.

The Tubble Compact measures:-

  • inner dimensions: 120cm (l) * 50cm (w) * 38cm/66cm (h) without/with headrest
  • outer dimensions: 150cm (l) * 80cm (w) * 41cm/70cm (h) without/with headrest
  • weight approx. 3.8 kg, content approx. 215 litres
  • persons up to 1.75m can enjoy a comfortable bath with outstretched legs
  • for max 1 person

The Tubble Royale measures :-

  • inner dimensions: 130cm (l) * 60cm (w) * 44cm/72cm (h) without/with headrest
  • outer dimensions: 162cm (l) * 90cm (w) * 48cm/76cm (h) without/with headrest (note: length includig drain: 168 cm)
  • weight approx. 5.2 kg, content approx. 275 litres
  • persons up to 1.88m can enjoy a comfortable bath with outstretched legs
  • also fits 2 persons

tubble bathBoth the Compact and Royale have an inflatable head rest, cup holder and a zipped cover so that you can retain the heat of the bath water. The Tubble is made out of high-quality extra thick 6-layered PVC (complies with European environmental regulations) and it is suitable for water temperatures up to 45 degrees Celsius. It can also withstand salt water, ice water, bath foam and bath oils etc. Because the bath is inflatable it is more comfortable than a normal bath. Using the provided electric pump, the Tubble takes approx  2 minutes to inflate and then all you have to do is fill it up with water from the shower head or by tipping buckets of water into it – all depends on what water filling method you have available.

(Take from website -)  By using the built-in plug and provided draining tube you can easily and evenly drain the water via, for example, the shower drain. Note: the shower drain must not be located too high (in a raised shower base, for example), because the water will not be able to drain properly. You can solve this issue by placing the bath on a raised platform (made from Styrofoam, for example). This way, the water can be drained easily.

In my sister’s case the bath has been placed over the existing wet room shower drain and when she pulls the little plug out of the bottom of the bath the water luckily drains away quite slowly – directly down the drain.

The Tubble inflatable bath has a 60 day money-back-guarantee  and a 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects.

tubble bath My sister’s Tubble bath arrived in a cardboard box and it was delivered by courier. As soon as I opened the parcel and realised what it was I took it straight round my sister’s house so we could try it out in the wet room.

We only had to have a quick read of the instructions before we could start inflating the Tubble bathtub. It was easy enough to do and really quick to inflate. The only problem we had was that we didn’t have a very long extension cable to plug the pump into – if we’d have had a longer one it would have made the whole process much simpler. Also, we did find that the EU to UK plug adaptor that was supplied had quite a loose fitting on the EU side but as my sister will be leaving the bath inflated she won’t be using the pump very often so it isn’t really an issue.

The Tubble Compact bath comes rolled up in a bag and with it there is an electric pump, a puncture repair kit, a drainage tube, a drain extension, instruction leaflet  and an autoinflator. Everything you need really … apart from some rubber ducks! 🙂

inflatable bathOnce we had inflated the Tubble we then set about filling it up with warm water from the electric shower that is fitted on the wall in the wet room. The shower is ideally placed above the Tubble so the process of filling the bath is really easy! We didn’t fill up the bath too much at first as my nephew was going to be the first to try it out and he didn’t require a lot of water but since receiving the bath a couple of weeks ago I have been told that it has been used by everyone many times and I know my sister is very impressed with it!

My sister has said that she loves how it has converted her wet room into a bath room and she thinks the whole Tubble concept is a fantastic idea! The bath is made to a high standard and we trust that it will withstand many years of use.

The Tubble Compact has an RRP of £179.00 but it is currently on sale for £119.00 and the Tubble Royale has an RRP of £189.00 but it currently on sale for £129.00. Yes these inflatable baths are a lot of money but they really are worth it because nothing beats the luxury of being able to soak in the bath and if you live in a house that doesn’t have one then you would be very happy to pay the money to be able to once again…. have a bath!

I cannot thank Tubble enough for sending us this bath to review. I never knew inflatable bathtubs that could be used inside the home even existed until my sister and her family moved into a home without a bath and it got me wondering what options there were for her to be able to have a bath in the wet room. It was then that I discovered Tubble and the rest – as they say – is history. This bath would really make such a huge difference to any family home that doesn’t currently have a bath.

You can purchase the Tubble inflatable, portable baths on this link >> They offer free delivery in most EU countries and can be contacted on if you have any questions. Their office is located in Amsterdam but they can have your order delivered to you in the UK or wherever you may be in the world.

Please take a minute to follow them on social media. They are on Facebook and Twitter.






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