Stuck For A Last Minute Gift Idea? You Can’t Go Wrong With A Pin-Activated datAshur® USB 3.0 Flash Drive Or External Hard Drive From iStorage!

christmas gift istorageI know it is is getting super close to Christmas and you are probably starting to worry about those last minute gifts you need to buy. …but try not to panic! You still have time to order online for your gifts to arrive before the big day! 😀


Recently my mum was gifted a datAshur® Personal 2 USB 3.0 Flash Drive 8gb from iStorage for review on my blog . I’ve yet to write up the full review (this will be done in January) but I just wanted to take a moment to let you all know that a Flash Drive or External Hard Drive from iStorage would be a great Christmas gift idea for someone that loves their tech or who has precious photos / files they don’t want to lose!


My mum always worries about the fact that she saves her important data/documents to a USB Flash Drive but then if she loses the flash drive others could then access that personal information. When I told her I was being sent the new flash drive to review from iStorage she was keen to be the one to test it out as she loved the fact that not only is the data on it encrypted but the flash drive is also pin-activated! This was the ideal gift to her from iStorage and I am sure that you know lots of people that would love to receive a gift like that from you this Christmas.istorageYou still have time to order a iStorage USB 3.0 Flash Drive or External Hard Drive in time for Christmas as ebuyer are still sending out orders so they arrive in time for Christmas. They don’t stock the exact one I have been sent but they do sell others. Prices vary a lot between the different models and storage capacities. You just need to make sure that your order is placed before 11pm on Thursday 22nd December as your delivery can then be sent out to arrive the next working day (delivery cut off time subject to payment processing and security checks and delivery charge will apply).

istorage usb 3.0 flash drive

datAshur® Personal 2 USB 3.0 Flash Drive 8gb

If you would prefer to order from iStorage themselves then you can do so on their website – – but it won’t arrive until after Christmas now. You could always pop the order confirmation into their Christmas Card so the gift recipient knows that their new piece of tech is in the post. 🙂  It is the thought that counts and the product is sure to be worth waiting for!

ebuyer logoMake sure to place your iStorage order at eBuyer by 11pm on Thursday 22nd December so it arrives on time for Christmas Day.

Happy Christmas everyone!




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