Christmas Gift Guide: Review Of ‘The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home’ Personalised Book From Lost My Name

personalised book 3If you are looking for a Christmas Gift for a child then I have the perfect pressie for you to buy…. a personalised book from Lost My Name!

A couple of months ago I was gifted a personalised copy of the fantastic book ‘The Little Boy Who Lost His Name‘ for my nephew so that I could review it here on my blog (you can read the review here – ) and then last month I was given the opportunity to receive another one of their fantastic books to review!

The second book they sent me to feature on my blog was ‘The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home’. The book was personalised for my nephew and this time rather than just having his name in it – like the first book – this one also has his address and an aerial photo of the location of his home!! WOW!

personalised book 5Now my nephew is only little (about 18 months old) so he doesn’t yet realise quite how cool this book is but his parents certainly do! My sister and her fiance think the book is amazing and they love that it has an aerial photo of their home in it. The photo is zoomed in enough that you can see the top of their home and their garden – it’s not a super duper close up photo (which I don’t think you’d want it to be), but it is certainly close enough to distinguish that it is your child’s home. The aerial photo section is quite large and it shows your child’s home in relation to their neighbour’s homes and other properties in the surrounding area. The aerial view photo is by Bing Maps. The photo is incorporated into the story and also there is a page of the story that shows a local landmark (the one in my nephew’s book was an hour away from his home).

The story is described as follows – ‘Show them the beauty of exploration and the importance of home. A whooshbang space journey packed with mind-boggling personalisation‘.

We loved the story and the illustrations are out of this world!


The ordering process for the book is really simple!  You get to add a personal message at the beginning of the book, you add the child’s name, you then choose the boy/girl character so that it resembles the child that the book is for, you add the child’s address so it can be featured in the book and you then move the map so that the aerial photo gives an accurate view of the child’s house. When I entered my sister’s post code it didn’t automatically find the exact spot that her house is located so make sure to move the large circle on the map so it gives a clear view of the area where the  child’s house is.

You then have the opportunity to preview the book before finally clicking the order button and paying for your gift.  Lost My Name offer free shipping within the UK (takes approx 3 -5 days) or you have the option to pay for express delivery (3-4 days). You will need to get your order in fairly quickly if you want to receive this fantastic book in time for Christmas.

Personalised Book 1The book is made to a really high standard and the recipient will be very impressed with the lengths that Lost My Name has gone to to make the book personalised.

We are really happy with the books that we have been sent by this company and we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to you. Even though we did receive this book (and the other one) free of charge for review we can definitely say that they are made so well that we can see why they have the £19.99 price tag. They are worth the investment as your child will love seeing their name and address incorporated into the story book.

The quality of the story is fantastic! Kids will love to have this book read to them at bedtime and when they see their name and address in the book they will be delighted.

Don’t just take my word for it….there are some testimonials in the photo below >>

personalised book 2If you would like to order one of the Lost My Name Personalised story books please visit The ordering process is really easy and self-explanatory for both of their book titles ‘The Little Boy Or Girl Who Lost Their Name‘ (Click here to see my review of that book –  and ‘The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home‘ but if you have any questions at all you can get in touch with their Helpdesk Support Angels on this link >>

Happy Christmas to you all! Please spread the festive cheer by taking a moment to follow Lost My Name on social media. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.




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