Review Of The ‘All American Gift Box’ From Kiss My Parcel.

all-american-gift-boxLast year I was gifted the most wonderful gift box of treats from a company called ‘Kiss My Parcel‘. It was the ‘All American Gift Box‘ and it was a delicious gift to receive!

Nadine over at Kiss My Parcel kindly gifted the present to me so that I could feature it on my blog and I have to say I was very impressed with it!

I adore how it looks so special when it arrives with the postman! The gift box says ‘Care Package’ on the outside and then inside the outer packaging cartoon there is a branded ‘Kiss My Parcel’ presentation box that says ‘Care Package’ and ‘Pull To Open’ with some arrows indicating where to open your gift box.

all american care packageInside the presentation box there was shredded paper and then tucked beneath that were the goodies, which in my particular Care Package was a tasty array of American candy and a Kiss My Parcel card, enclosed in an authentic wax sealed envelope.

My parcel contained :-

  • Kellogg’s Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts
  • Marshmallow Fluff
  • Strawberry, Cherry and Blackcurrant flavoured Kool-Aid Sachets
  • Hershey’s Original Chocolate Bar
  • Hershey’s Cookies’n’Creme Chocolate Bar
  • American Mix Skittles
  • Nestle BabyRuth Bar
  • Mr Tom Peanut Brittle
  • Lucky Charms Cereal Pot
  • Tootsie Roll
  • Jolly Ranchers
  • Reese’s Chocolate Peanut Cups
  • Jelly Belly Original Gourmet Jelly Beans
  • Rainbow Nerds

What a fantastic selection of sweets and treats! I shared the contents of the parcel with my sister and we thoroughly enjoyed trying out all the American candy. There were things in there we had tried before such as the Marshmallow Fluff and Reese’s Chocolate Peanut Cups and also things we hadn’t – such as the Tootsie Roll and the Nestle BabyRuth Bar.

It was so much fun eating the sweets we hadn’t tried before. I loved the BabyRuth bar! Yum!
kiss my parcel bereavement care packageIf you are looking for an original gift for someone then The All American Gift Box is ideal. It is £24.99 and there is postage to pay, unless you spend over £50 and then postage is free. Next Day Delivery is also an option if you need your care package sent out urgently (delivery fees apply).

kiss my parcel stop smoking care packageKiss My Parcel sell lots of different care packages. Here are some examples (they are always adding new packages though so make sure to keep an eye on their website) :-

Hospital Healing Care Package (You can order this and have it delivered to the recipient in hospital)

Bereavement Care Package

Stop Smoking Care Package

Starting University Care Package

Cold & Flu Care Package

Bon Voyage Care Package

New Parents Care Package

Diet Care Package

Hangover Survival Care Package

New Baby Care Package

Prices vary depending on the contents of each care package. They can also create a bespoke care package for you, if that is something that you require.

As you can see they have lots of occasions covered! 🙂 To order a care package online please visit

kiss my parcel cold & flu care packageI really loved receiving my All American gift box for review and I am sure whoever you order a care package for will appreciate the gift you send them as much as I did.

Please take a moment to follow the company on social media. They are on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The photo below explains where the company name comes from…….






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