Review Of Butterfly Beauty 3 Tier Nappy Cake From Owlet Gifts

owlet gifts nappy cakeHow adorable is that nappy cake!! It was gifted to me free of charge so I could feature it on my blog by Nette at  When we met on twitter she kindly made the offer to send it to me for review and I was delighted as the nappies would be put to good use in the future as my sister had just found out she was expecting a baby! But as it was early days I couldn’t tell anyone so Nette was unaware that my sister was pregnant and her gift would be very much appreciated by my sister. 🙂

My sister has now announced her pregnancy so I am okay to mention it in my blog post.  It turns out she will be having a little girl but it doesn’t matter that the nappy cake is Boy themed as it will all still be put to good use. My sister loves the colour blue for a boy or girl and as she already has a little boy she can also use the blanket, washcloths, etc with him too. 🙂

owlet gifts nappy cake descriptionThis Butterfly Beauty 3 Tier Nappy Cake can be bought on the Owlet Gifts website for £50 and it would make a fantastic baby shower or new parent gift! It is certainly obvious that a great deal of time and effort has gone into constructing this nappy cake and it is this care and attention that makes the nappy cake all the more special!

The nappy cake was shrink wrapped in polythene and it came in a branded Owlet Gifts tall cardboard box. It was kept securely in place in the box during transit by means of air pillow packaging. It worked successfully as the nappy cake arrived in one piece – looking fabulous and ready to be gifted!

Nappy Cake collageI tell you now that this nappy cake and the butterfly and flower washcloth creations looked so good I felt mean taking it all apart! But I’m afraid it had to be done as I wanted to take a photo so I could show you all the contents of the nappy cake.

Here is the contents of the Butterfly Beauty 3 Tier Nappy Cake from Owlet Gifts :-

  • 3 x baby blue washcloths
  • 3 x navy blue washcloths
  • 6 x white washcloths
  • 1 x blue fleece blanket
  • 1 x blue butterfly brushed cotton muslin
  • 1 x baby blue muslin
  • 6 x plastic spoons
  • 26 x size 3 Pampers nappies (please note that the number of nappies and products varies depending on which nappy cake design you choose)

The nappy cake is a decorative item and because of that it contains pearl headed pins and small elastic bands (to keep the design together) which need to be removed when you deconstruct the nappy cake.

nappy cake contentsAfter taking apart the beautiful nappy cake you end up with a lot of useful baby essentials! (As you can see from the above photo) This gift will be welcomed by any expecting or new parents. My sister thought it looked beautiful and she was very impressed!

There are lots of different themes of nappy cake available over on the Owlet Gifts website. Here are links to a small selection of them (Please note that prices vary across the range of nappy cakes. It all depends on the number of tiers, the amount of work needed to make it and the kind of products included inside the nappy cake) :-

Nappy Cakes CollageIf you would like to order one of these handmade nappy cakes from Owlet Gifts please visit and make sure to use the code HELLOBABY to get 5% off!

You can also order individual origami washcloth creations and they are £5 each. Nappy cakes are available in 1 tier, 2 tier and 3 tier plus you can choose from unisex/neutral, boy or girl themed.

You will be happy to know that there is free delivery on all orders – something you don’t see all that often!

baby washclothsNette loves making bespoke nappy cakes so if you have something in mind that isn’t currently on her site then send her a message on her Contact Us page or email to discuss the ‘Design Your Own’ nappy cake that you would like to order.  Alternatively you could give her a call on 07795 311 080 (9.00am – 5.00pm) or you could send her a message on Twitter or Facebook.

It has been a pleasure to write about this wonderful small business and I hope you will consider an Owlet Gifts nappy cake the next time you are looking to buy a present for friends and family that have a new baby.

Thanks for reading my review.


*Huge thanks goes to Owlet Gifts for gifting me this nappy cake for the purposes of my review.


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