Review Of Folk Art Painting Kits From ‘You Can Folk It!’

Today I am reviewing the fantastic Folk Art Painting Kits from ‘You Can Folk It!’. I was sent these to try out at the end of last year and me and my daughter are very impressed!

We were sent 2 kits from the Folk It! ‘Go Dotty‘ range – rather apt don’t you think considering I am a huge polka dot fan! 🙂

We received the Sweetheart collection and the festive baubles. The kits are £15 each and they are available to buy in the ‘You Can Folk It!’ Amazon UK Shop or in their Facebook Shop.

The Sweetheart Designs Kit contains –

  • 3 x 1oz acrylic paints & dotting tool
  • 6 colour mount hearts
  • 6 patterns & transfer paper
  • Full colour instruction booklet & online lesson
  • Glamour dust

The Festive Baubles Kit contains  –

  • Instruction booklet and online video lesson
  • 6 colour mount bauble shapes
  • 3 x 1oz bottles of Acrylic paint
  • Dotting tool
  • Glamour Dust

You Can Folk It painting kitsEach ‘Go Dotty’ kit contains an informative instruction leaflet which gives you guidance on how to do the dotty designs. The instructional guide is very easy to understand and I like that the kit contains everything you need to get started. You don’t have to go out and buy any extra bits and pieces….always a bonus!

I let my daughter have free rein with these kits so she hasn’t done much ‘Following of the instructions’ yet – instead she has studied the designs in the leaflet, gained inspiration and then started dotting to her hearts content with the dotting tool!

Go Dotty kits You Can Folk It painting kitsSo far she has decorated 3 of the heart shapes and 1 bauble shape which means she still has lots of the colour mount shapes left to decorate. Although even when she runs out of shapes it won’t matter as she will still have the tool and paints which means she can do the dotty designs on other things instead. I could cut her shapes out of card for her to decorate or she could paint directly onto blank cards or MDF shapes that I can buy from the You Can Folk It! shop. The possibilities really are endless!

I home educate my daughter so am always on the lookout for creative art activities to do with her and the Folk It! Go Dotty kits are perfect! Everything you need is in the pack and all you need to do is find a little bit of spare time and then you can get painting!


When not in use the paints, pot of glitter, colour mount shapes , dotting tool and leaflet all fit back into the cardboard presentation box for storage. I store the kits with my daughter’s other crafty items so she can use the kit whenever she likes.

The absolute best thing about these ‘Go Dotty’ painting kits are that there is minimal mess involved! I love to see my daughter being arty but sometimes it can get very messy when the paints are out! These wonderful ‘Go Dotty’ kits allow her to ‘paint’ with just the dotting tool and a small blob of paint on a piece of scrap card. She doesn’t even need any water to wash the paint off the dotting tool. She just has a bit of kitchen roll to wipe the paint onto when she changes the colour she is using. One of her favourite things to do with the paint is to mix the colours to create new ones. 🙂

You Can Folk It painting kitsI highly recommend these kits and I look forward to watching my daughter’s painting skills progress as she starts to follow the instructional guide more in the future.

There are lots of other folk art painting kits available from ‘You Can Folk It!’ and you can buy them all in their Amazon UK shop. The kits all look wonderful and the designs you can make with them are so pretty. Once you have mastered the ‘Folk Art Painting Technique’ it will stay with you forever and then you can apply your skills to painting the designs onto many different objects. Maybe watering cans, plant pots, wall plaques, wooden shapes, photo frames, greeting cards, etc. How fantastic that you can buy these painting kits and learn these painting skills all in the comfort of you own home!

You Can Folk It painting kitsThe other Folk Art Painting Kits from You Can Folk It! are different to the ‘Go Dotty’ range as the idea is that you buy a starter kit first which contains all the paints and brushes/tools you need and then after you have bought that you then go on and buy Level 1 project kits which contain no paints or tools but instead they contain an instructional guide, a DVD and the shapes/project you need to decorate. Once you have completed Level 1 you can then progress and buy Level 2 kits. You can view and buy all their kits in their ‘You Can Folk It!’ Amazon UK Shop or in their Facebook Shop.

You Can Folk It painting kitsPlease stop by and follow You Can Folk It! on social media. They are a lovely friendly team and they will be happy to help you if you have any questions at all. They can be found on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Pinterest and over on their Blog.

Thanks for reading my review.

* A big thank you goes to You Can Folk It! for kindly gifting the 2 dotty painting kits to my daughter. If she becomes a professional artist when she is older then it will definitely be because their kits inspired her! 🙂




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