Review Of Strap Stop – A Strap That Stops Children From Freeing Their Arms From Their Car Seatbelts And Pushchair / Highchair Harnesses

strap stop reviewToday I am reviewing a product my sister was sent to try out – Strap Stop – an innovative product that is designed specifically to keep children safe in their car seat, pram, high chair or any other double chested child restraint.

The Strap stop is designed to stop children from being able to move or alter their safety harness. (Strap Stop is not to be used as an alternative to a certified child restraint, it is only to be used as an additional item to assist with securing your child)

My 18 month old nephew is at that age when he has realised he can now free his arms from the harness in his highchair and pushchair but not only that his car seat belt too!  If I think back to when my daughter was also at the stage where she started to do that I can remember how worrying it was to think that when I was driving along she might get her arms free of her seat belt! If your child can free themselves of their seat belt then potentially their car seat won’t be able to protect them in the case of an accident. It’s a scary thought!

Back when my daughter was little there wasn’t anything available, or at least not that I knew of, that could help me fix the problem of her trying to escape her car seat. Thankfully there is now Strap Stop! and you can buy it here >>

strap stop reviewStrap Stop is a strap that stops children from freeing their arms from seatbelts. It clips across the chest area of a harness / seat belt and forms a barrier that prevents a child from wriggling out of the safety of their harness. It has anti-slip clips which keep Strap Stop in place. We were sent a couple to try out and have been very impressed!

The Strap Stop are £14.99 each and are available in Royal Blue, Hot Pink and Black. They can be used on the seat belt of a child’s car seat or on the harness straps on a high chair or pushchair.

The Strap Stop is really easy to fix on to the safety straps of a car seat / highchair / pushchair.

  • You unclip one of the Strap Stop clips and then clip it back together over the strap (so the safety strap is enclosed within the Strap Stop clip),
  • Put your child in the seat and fasten their harness as usual
  • Unclip the other Strap Stop clip and fasten it over the other harness strap
  • Your child is then safely strapped in and the Strap Stop is bridging the gap between the straps so they are unable to wriggle their bodies out of their harness/seat belt.

The Strap Stop can be unfastened quickly and easily by an adult by pushing the two tiny buttons on the side of the clip. You only need to unfasten one of the clips as the other one will hold the Strap Stop fixed in place until you put your child back into the harness.

My sister has been using the Strap Stop for 3 weeks and she loves that she now has peace of mind that he can’t escape his car seat while she is driving the car. The key is to have the strap stop high up on the chest so that it blocks the gap where a child normally tries to wriggle their arms through the harness.

strap stopAt first we had it too low down on the highchair straps and he managed to get his arms through but I consulted the Strap Stop team via Twitter and they kindly sent me a couple of photos (the photos are on the left) to show me the best place to have the Strap Stop. We took their advice and changed the position of the Strap Stop. We’d then sorted it and my nephew could no longer get his arms out of the harness!

We are very thankful that Strap Stop has been invented so my sister can now use it to keep my nephew safe and secure in his car seat while she is driving.

As we all know it is a big worry to try and drive when you know your child is sitting in the back of the car trying to wriggle their way out of their seat! With the Strap Stop, my sister and all of you, can now have peace of mind while driving with your child in the car!


Strap Stop™has been tested at TRL , the UK Transport Research Laboratory under the regulation (R44) conditions. R44 Dynamic test confirmed that its completely safe to use Strap Stop™ with carseat and Strap Stop™ does not effect the car seat performance in any way.
In the event of an accident, Strap Stop has been tested and found not to cause an additional injury to the child. Ambulance and Fire Brigade have both demonstrating that the strap stop is unlikely to cause any delay in the rescue of your child. The clips have a quick-release and are designed to be released 1 handed with ease by an adult.  Click here to view the Test Reports & Videos section of the Strap Stop website.

It is one of those products that once you know it exists you cannot help but tell everyone about it! As my sister was lucky enough to be gifted 2 for review she has left one at my mum’s house (to be used on the highchair over there) and then she uses the other one on my nephew’s car seat / high chair / pushchair that he uses daily at her own house. We all think the Strap Stop is fantastic!

If you think you need a Strap Stop in your life then you can order one at

Before you go please may I ask you to support Strap Stop’s business by following them on Twitter or liking them on Facebook. It would be great if we can all spread the word about this innovative product. 🙂





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