Review Of Gourmet Popcorn From Popcorn Shed – Salted Caramel, Rich Chocolate & Pecan Pie

popcorn shed popcornAre you a fan of popcorn? I am ….especially this gourmet popcorn from Popcorn Shed!

Popcorn Shed kindly gifted me 3 boxes of their popcorn – one of each variety they sell –  so that I could try them out and let you all know what I thought of it. ???

The 3 gourmet popcorn varieties are as follows :-

Rich Chocolate – Rich cocoa infused caramel topped caramel topped with delicious smooth Belgian milk chocolate.

Pecan Pie – Nutty,buttery,smooth caramel with golden roasted pecans giving you a textural sensation and nutty crunch.

Salted Caramel – Sea-salted buttery caramel with velvety, creamy Belgian milk chocolate. The Salted Caramel Popcorn was awarded a Great Taste Award as it expertly masters the salty and sweet flavour balance.

about usLaura and Sam launched their business in 2016 and the month after they began trading Harrods contacted them to say they wanted to start stocking their popcorn in their store. How fantastic is that! They must have been over the moon! Many foodie businesses can only dream of that kind of success for their products so the fact that Harrods started stocking it so quickly is testament to the quality of the Popcorn Shed popcorn.  If you are wondering why they decided to call their business Popcorn Shed you’ll have to click here. It is also worthwhile reading this interview with Sam over on the Startup Empire website – as it shows how passionate they both are about their business and gives you an insight into how their company came about.

I love the fact that each box of their gourmet popcorn is designed to look like a shed. It ties in so well with their business name and branding. Also the presentation box makes the popcorn perfect to be given as a gift. I’d never think of giving a bag of ‘normal’ popcorn to someone as a gift but I would definitely consider giving a friend a shed load of this fantastic popcorn! 🙂

The Pecan Pie ‘Shed’ was inspired by an American barn, the Salted Caramel ‘Shed’ by the bright lights of the Brighton seafront and the Rich Chocolate ‘Shed’ by a winter log cabin.

In their online shop each 80g popcorn shed retails at £3.33.  They also sell a 3 pack variety box (which I was sent) which is £9.99. The minimum order online is 3 boxes and the delivery charge for that is £3.50. If you order 6 or more boxes then delivery is free.

popcorn shedThis photo above shows how the 3 boxes of popcorn arrived with me and the photo at the very top of this blog post shows what each popcorn variety looked like. You can see from the photos that they were really very tasty!

The first thing I noticed when opening and tasting the popcorn was that each piece of popcorn was a fairly uniform ’round’ shape and there were hardly any bits of hull to get stuck in your teeth.  Normally in a bag of popcorn each piece is an irregular shape and as you know there are always lots of bits of hull!

Turns out the reason this Popcorn Shed popcorn is a different shape to ‘normal’ is because it is made with Mushroom Popcorn Kernels whereas the popcorn you get in the cinema is normally made with Butterfly Popcorn Kernels.  Butterfly popcorn is irregular in shape and has lots of protruding ‘wings’ whereas mushroom popcorn is round in shape and doesn’t have these. Because of the larger surface area and lack of ‘wings’ the flavourings / coatings stay much better on each individual air-popped mushroom kernel plus the popcorn is less likely to get crushed in the bag because of its sturdy baseball shape.  You learn something new each day! 🙂

popcorn shedPopcorn Shed creates gourmet popcorn the way it should be – by hand, using all natural, high quality ingredients, carefully sourced, lovingly crafted and free of any unhealthy preservatives or additives. All of their popcorn is suitable for vegetarians and completely gluten free.

Below is a photo showing the nutritional information for each variety of Popcorn Shed gourmet popcorn (please note that these figures may differ if there is ever a change in ingredients) –

nutritional InfoI am very impressed with the popcorn from Popcorn Shed and my absolute favourite was Pecan Pie – it was utterly delicious! This was such a treat and definitely something I would want to eat again. I loved the nutty caramel taste of this. I didn’t share much of the bag I’m afraid to say….but I don’t regret it in the slightest! 🙂

My daughter adored the Rich Chocolate popcorn and she says it reminded her of the inside of a Ferrero Rocher chocolate! The chocolate and popcorn combination was one that we don’t normally have but we both really liked it. You should give this a try… I bet you’ll love it!

The Salted Caramel popcorn was also really tasty – it was a lovely combination of chocolate and caramel with a slight hint of saltiness. This flavoured popcorn won a Great Taste award in 2016 so you know it is something special!

I can’t recommend the Popcorn Shed popcorn to you highly enough. No it isn’t as cheap as other brands of popcorn available in the supermarket but the higher price does reflect the fact that this is an artisan product that has been made lovingly by hand using top quality ingredients. It was a real treat to be sent these popcorns to review and I will definitely be recommending them to others. Thank you Laura and Sam for ‘popping’ these in the post to me! (The pun was intended! Sorry to be so corny!  🙂 )

You can buy online at or from their many stockists. If you are going to purchase from their web shop make sure to sign up to their mailing list first (click the sign up button in the corner of their home page) and then you will get 10% off your order.

Please take a moment to follow them on social media. They are on Twitter >> , Facebook >> and Instagram >>

Final thought for you all …………

Why shouldn’t you tell a secret on a farm?

Because the corn has ears!

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