Review Of Foldable ‘Hampton Blue Stripe’ Shopping Boxes From Big Fat Bags

big fat bags reusable shopping boxI am a HUGE fan of the reusable grocery boxes from Big Fat Bags! Back in March 2016 I was sent some polka dot ones to road-test (review of them is here >> and – a year on – I still use them all the time!

I really do use them so much and not just for shopping either! I regularly use them when I go away on holiday or when I want to carry clean laundry/books/toys upstairs at home. They are so sturdy and as they fold flat they can easily be stored away when not in use….although that isn’t very often!


As the lovely team at Big Fat Bags know how much I love their reusable grocery boxes they kindly gifted me some of their Hamptons Blue boxes to give to my Mum so she too could have her own fold flat grocery boxes. I regularly lent my Mum my polka dot boxes when we went out shopping together but now that they have sent her these stripey boxes to review she has her very own ones to use.

My Mum was delighted when I gave her the two Hampton Blue Stripe boxes and she started using them straight away! The first thing she did with them was filled one of them up with papers as she had been doing paperwork at the kitchen table when I had taken the boxes over to her house. As it was time for tea she wanted to move the papers off the table so she thought the boxes would be ideal to use as a way of temporarily storing/moving the papers – which they were!  The other box was put straight into her car so she had it ready for her next supermarket trip.

Hamptons blue

The boxes retail at £7.49 each and they are worth every penny because you will use them so much!  You can get so much shopping into these boxes and it it saves so much time at the checkout when you just open up the box and pile in all your purchases. All the other shoppers in the queue will look on enviously as you quickly stack your shopping into these nifty Big Fat Bags! Plus of course you don’t have to pay the 5p plastic bag charge or pollute the earth with more plastic bags that won’t decompose!

review 1

review 2

My Mum has already used these boxes loads of times and I know for a fact she will continue to do so on a daily basis, just like me. As I already mentioned, they are useful for so many more things than just putting your shopping in! The Hampton Blue boxes look very nautical so would be ideal to use as a beach bag or to use as storage on a boat or in a beach hut. The 1950’s style polka dot boxes would be ideal used as temporary storage in a caravan or camper van. When I go on holiday in my parent’s tourer caravan we always pack the kitchen roll, bottles of fizzy and tins of food etc in my polka dot ‘Big Fat Bags’ boxes as they fit perfectly on the floor of the caravan and because they are sturdy they keep the contents safe during the journey.

The boxes are available in Vintage Red Polka Dot, Hamptons Blue Stripe,  Midnight Navy, Mother Earth Brown, Pink Panther Black (with pink handles) and Plain Black.  Each box is made from 100% recyclable material and has long carry handles on the sides and there is also a short handle on each end. The Medium size boxes are 37cm(w) x 26.5(d) x 28(h) and they are strong and sturdy. The boxes have Lifetime Antibacterial Protection (more info in the photo below)

stay fresh

If you would like to bag yourself one of these foldable shopping boxes please visit You won’t regret it! 🙂  There is only one problem you will have though – which design are you going to choose?!

These foldable grocery boxes would also make a fantastic ‘useful’ birthday gift for someone. How about buying a box and turning it into a hamper by filling it with yummy treats. I know I would LOVE a gift like that! Once the recipient has eaten all the goodies they still have the grocery box to use. 🙂


*A Big Fat Thank You goes to Big Fat Bags for gifting me my Vintage Polka Dot boxes last year and for sending these Hampton Blue boxes to my Mum. We really appreciate your kindness. 🙂

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