Review Of QVC’s ‘Today’s Special Value’ Ecoegg 936 Washes White & Colour Laundry Egg Kit with Storage Tin

EcoEgg 1Today I am reviewing the Ecoegg 936 Washes White & Colour Laundry Egg Kit with Storage Tin which is ‘Today’s Special Value‘ for Sunday 9th July 2017 on QVC. This has kindly been gifted to me by Ecoegg so I could review it on my blog.

Please note that here at My Mummy Reviews we have been using Ecoegg laundry eggs since back in February 2015 when they first sent my Mum one to try out. Since then I have been sent various kits to review and have even purchased more eggs and refill pellets so other members of my family can also use them! Currently me, my mum, my sister and my sister-in-law all own Ecoeggs which we use for our laundry!

The Ecoegg Laundry Egg is a money-saving, eco-friendly and hypoallergenic alternative to washing powder. It is a reusable egg that you fill with a mixture of mineral and tourmaline pellets. This pellet mix acts as a natural detergent when put in the washing machine with your dirty clothes. The video on the QVC website shows you how it works.

Ecoegg has been endorsed by Allergy UK and is working in partnership with the National Eczema Society. It is officially dermatologically tested and suitable for people with sensitive skin.

EcoeggThis impressive Ecoegg kit is on offer on QVC for today only (until 23.59pm on 09/07/17) for the bargain price of £19.98 and £4.95 p+p. From the 10th July the kit will go up to £24.00 on QVC with £4.95 p+p. If you were to buy all of the items in this kit on the Ecoegg website it would cost you a whopping £57.29. What a HUGE saving you are making by buying this kit on the TSV!

The QVC Ecoegg kit contains:-

  • Two of their award-winning laundry eggs (one for coloured loads and one for white loads) which both feature an antibacterial coating infused with silver to help stop bacteria on the egg transferring between laundry loads (only available on Ecoeggs bought at QVC)
  • A supersize 350ml stain remover which features a new and improved brush applicator to provide even better results
  • A brand new enamel ‘Laundry’ storage tin
  • A washing machine detox tablet
  • 2 x handy Ecoegg suction storage cups
  • 19 x wash pellet packets  – enough for 936 washes! WOW!!

ecoegg 3The set I received contains Orange Blossom scented cleaning pellets but when ordering your kit from QVC you have the option of this fragrance or 4 others.  They are Fragrance Free, Jasmine, Linen and Lotus Blossom. Which will you go for? Lotus Blossom is their NEW fragrance so they are predicting that it will sell out fast so if you want to get that you’ll need to be quick! 🙂

This QVC Ecoegg kit gives you enough cleaning pellets to do up to 936 loads of washing! That is just over 2p a wash! What amazing value for money! It will last you for years!

Ecoegg is an economical, powerful and natural alternative to traditional detergent. Take it from me and my family that it will revolutionise the way you wash your clothes! The fragrance of the Ecoegg is subtle and it leaves a hint of fragrance on your clothing rather than being overpowering. The Ecoegg will naturally soften fibres of your clothing – even in hard water, so no fabric softener is required – unless you want to use it. Ecoegg sell a concentrated one on their website if you decide to use it –>

ecoegg 2When your kit arrives you will need to fill each of your Ecoeggs with a packet of tourmaline pellets and then 3 packets of the mineral pellets. The coloured egg uses the fragranced pellets and the white egg uses the fragranced pellets with optical brighteners. You will then just place the correctly coloured Ecoegg in the drum of your washing machine along with your laundry. You will not need to add any other washing liquids or powders!

The laundry egg will work at temperatures up to 60C, and it is just as effective at 30C or 40C (I always use it on lower temperature washes and it does a fantastic job!).

After approx 72 washes you just have to open up each laundry egg and top it up with a new packet of pellets. You don’t remove any of the pellets – just add the new pack in with them.

My whole family are really impressed with the Ecoeggs and as I mentioned earlier we first got to know about the brand back in Feb 2015 when they sent my Mum an Ecoegg kit to review.  You know Ecoegg must be an amazing product because last year it was the winner of the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category!

ecoegg 4In this QVC TSV kit you get a big 350ml tube of Ecoegg stain remover. The Stain Remover contains powerful plant extracts which gently breakdown the bonds between the dirt and the fabric, and is formulated from non-toxic, gentle ingredients, so it’s kind for sensitive skin. I hadn’t personally used this before but my Mum has and she swears by it – but as I hadn’t tried it before I wanted to give it a go so I could tell you all what I thought of it. Well……….. it’s miraculous!!!

I was round my Mum’s house when I was taking all these photos for the review and when I decided to try out the stain remover I asked my Mum is she had something old I could test out the stain remover on. I said I wanted to stain the item and then ‘try’ and remove the stain. I’ll be honest here – I didn’t really think this stain remover would work! It is just a plain white cream that you apply onto a stain and it doesn’t really smell of chemicals – like I thought a stain remover should. I didn’t have much faith in it …sorry Ecoegg! In the end I truly had to eat my words!

The stain remover did an amazing job! My Mum wasn’t surprised in the slightest and instead just said ‘I told you so!’. Mum had let me mark one of her white oven gloves with a solid poster paint pen. She probably thought I meant I’d just dab the paint on – but oh no….I wanted to challenge the stain remover – so instead I drew a big ‘E’ for ‘Ecoegg’!

Once I had painted on the ‘E’ I applied the stain remover cream with the new silicone brush applicator and it didn’t do much to the stain so I started to regret painting on Mum’s oven glove! The tube said to leave the cream on the stain for 10 minutes and then wash it off. While I was watching the clock I apologised to Mum for ruining her oven glove but she just said that  I hadn’t ruined it – the stain remover will work! I was very dubious!

Once the 10 minutes was up I took the oven glove into the bathroom and rinsed the stain remover cream off under some warm running water and the stain quite honestly disappeared in front of my eyes! One minute it was there and the next it was gone….. I was speechless! Mum was right to have faith! I am sorry for doubting you Ecoegg!

made in UKThis kit is amazing value and you get so much for your money! The new ‘Laundry’ tin is great and my Mum loves it! She can now store all her packets of cleaning pellets in it….plus it looks fab in her kitchen! She is really pleased to have this new supersize tube of stain remover as she uses it all the time and wouldn’t want to be without it.

If you would like to take advantage of today’s QVC ‘Today’s Special Value’ price of £19.98 here is the link you need to visit to purchase the Ecoegg kit –>

The TSV price ends at midnight tonight (9th July 2017) but it will then change to £24.00 which is still a massive saving compared to the price of buying all the items individually on the Ecoegg website.

If you have any questions about the Ecoegg or the TSV deal then please get in touch with the Ecoegg company via social media (Facebook and Twitter) or by email. They are a lovely team of people and are really passionate about their eco-friendly, award-winning cleaning products.


*Thank you Ecoegg for gifting us this kit so we could review it on my blog. 😀

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