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Make Your Own Chocolate

If your child receives the Choc on Choc  ‘Make Your Own Chocolate House‘ kit as a gift then I know they will love it as much as my daughter did! kindly gifted the chocolate house making set to my daughter so we could review it on my blog. She loved it! So did I – as I got to eat some of it!

The set retails at £12.50 and the house that you make will be made from the most amazing Belgian chocolate! It really is a top quality chocolate and you will certainly taste the difference!

The gift set is really well branded and looks like a top notch pressie! It contains milk and white Belgian chocolate buttons for melting, plastic house and tree moulds, chocolate ‘cement’ mix (white chocolate buttons to melt), a mini garden colouring scene to colour-in and place your completed chocolate house on, a white paper chef’s hat to decorate and full instructions.

My daughter and I made this kit the night before going on holiday to Butlins and we ate the house on the way to the holiday park! We weren’t too greedy though as we did share with my sister! 🙂 She too couldn’t believe how delicious this Choc on Choc chocolate is. You’ll find that you can’t eat too much of it at once as it is quite sweet and rich but it is a lovely tasting chocolate that both you and your child will enjoy eating.chocolate houseTo make this adorable edible house your child has to melt the chocolate buttons in the microwave, stir the melted chocolate and then spoon it into the plastic sheet mould (this can be re-used in the future if you buy more chocolate buttons to melt)

The mould contains 2 tree shapes plus the house front, back, sides and roof panels . Once the moulds are full of melted chocolate you then tap it down on the table to get rid of any air bubbles and you can then place the moulds into the fridge to set.

Once the chocolate is set you carefully remove the chocolate pieces from the mould and fix them together using some of the white chocolate buttons (melted) that you put aside earlier in the process.

After you have ‘cemented’ your house together you add the roof panels , place it on the garden scene and add the chocolate trees to the garden. The only thing left to do after that is EAT IT and ENJOY! 🙂

It is a slightly tricky process making the house stay together with the ‘chocolate cement’ that you spread on with your fingers and the chocolate panels do tend to melt a bit when you are handling the house….but that only adds to the fun! The completed house looks ever so pretty and it is a real shame to break it up and eat it but these things have to be done….for the purposes of review! (That’s my excuse anyway!)

This Choc on Choc Chocolate House Making Kit is an ideal Birthday or Christmas gift for a child of age 6yrs+. A child younger would still enjoy it but more adult help would be required.

You can order your Chocolate House Making Kit from  Just go to

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