These Santa and Reindeer Chocolate Lollipop Kits From Chocolate At Home Are Perfect As Christmas Stocking Fillers!

chocolate lollipop kits

The lovely team over at Chocolate At Home recently gifted me some of their Christmas themed Chocolate Lollipop Kits for Kids so I could try them out with my daughter. They generously sent me a set of 5 individual packs of Reindeer Chocolate Lollipop kits and a set of 5 individual packs of Santa Chocolate Lollipop kits! Each individual kit makes 5 chocolate lollies with either a Reindeer or Santa edible design on.

You should have seen my daughter’s face when these arrived in the post! She already knew how delicious the chocolate lollies were as we have recently reviewed their Bumblebee Lollipop Kits so she couldn’t believe her luck that we were getting to review more chocolate lolly kits by Chocolate At Home. chocolate lollipop kits

These kits aren’t available to buy individually – they are only available as a set of 5 ‘Reindeer’ kits for £19.75 or a set of  5 ‘Santa’ kits for £19.75. Because of the size and price of each of these kits they are fantastic to buy as stocking fillers for your own child or for nieces, nephews, grandchildren, friend’s kids, etc.

Each lollipop kit contains everything the child needs to make 5 chocolate lollies – you get the chocolate drops to melt, the lollipop sticks and the Santa or Reindeer transfer design. These are so easy and fun for children to make! All the child has to do is lay the transfer paper down on a baking tray or plate, melt the chocolate in the microwave (under adult supervision if they are very little), mix the melted chocolate , spoon out 5 circles of melted chocolate onto the transfer paper and then place a lollipop stick into each one. The lollies then just need to go in the fridge until they are set.  Then the best bit……they get to eat the chocolate lollipop! If you are lucky they might let you have one but if not they might be be very sensible and save the other chocolate lollies for another day. …thus you may never get to taste how delicious these lollies are!

I have to say – the quality of this chocolate is amazing! It really is top quality chocolate and the finished handmade lollipops look and taste fantastic!

chocolate lollipop kits

As we were given so many of these wonderful lollipop kits we have given some to friends and family and they are all so excited to make these with their children nearer Christmas time. I believe some of them are planning to make these on Christmas Eve as a pre-Christmas treat.

Click here to purchase the Chocolate At Home ‘Santa Chocolate Lollipop Kits’

Click here to purchase the Chocolate At Home ‘Reindeer Chocolate Lollipop Kits’

Whoever you buy these chocolate lolly kits for is going to love them! Chocolate as a gift has to be one of the best Christmas gifts you can receive – whether you are a child or an adult! is brought to you by Keylink Ltd, the unique one stop shop for professionals working with chocolate. They decided that they would develop some fun, exciting and most of all delicious chocolate kits that beginners can make at home. I for one am very glad they did! ?

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*Huge thanks to Chocolate At Home for gifting us these Christmas themed chocolate kits to review.  They have also gifted me some bags of their Belgium Chocolate Drops in Milk, White and Dark to use in my tealight fondue pot for review in a future blog post. Keep an eye on my blog as the review of those chocolate drops will be live soon. 

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