Review Of 500g Bags Of Milk, Dark And White Belgian Chocolate Drops From Chocolate At Home. Perfect For Making Chocolate Fondue!

belgian chocolate dropsThe fab team over at Chocolate At Home recently sent me 3 x 500g bags of their Belgian Chocolate Drops to try out for a review and I will tell you know that they are delicious! This chocolate is top quality and it is absolutely perfect to melt and use as a chocolate fondue.

You would think that a 500g bag of Belgian Chocolate Drops would set you back a fair bit – but you’d be wrong…. each of these bags costs just £4.50 each! Please note that postage on UK orders is £2.95 plus VAT  (This equals £3.54).

Chocolate At Home sent me a bag of White Belgian Chocolate Drops, Dark Belgian Chocolate Drops and Milk Belgian Chocolate Drops. As soon as I opened the parcel I decided the Milk Chocolate Drops would be the first ones I would try, followed by the White Chocolate Drops and then finally the Dark Chocolate Drops.

I knew I would love the Milk Chocolate and White Drops but I was a bit dubious about whether I would enjoy the 53% Dark Chocolate Drops as I am not normally a fan of dark chocolate. Turns out I was wrong – I did like the Dark Chocolate Drops when they were melted! They were not too strong at all when melted down as a fondue….even my 8 yr old daughter was happy to eat it! We have even tried melting a small amount of these along with the milk chocolate drops to make the milk chocolate drops go a bit further.

When melted, the White Chocolate Drops were quite rich and creamy – just as you would expect from white chocolate. I melted some of this for my nephew and he enjoyed dipping marshmallows into the white chocolate fondue. These chocolate drops also taste lovely as they are – straight out of the bag!

The melted Milk Chocolate Drops were even better than I expected!  They tasted EXACTLY the same melted down as the melted fondue chocolate that I had been buying from a market stall in Ingoldmells, Skegness when I went to stay at Butlins earlier in the year.  When we had been on our family holiday to Butlins we had discovered a stall on the local market selling chocolate covered bananas, marshmallows, fudge, strawberries etc and it was so delicious! We may have all over-indulged a bit too much at the time but we wanted to make the most of being able to have such a delicious chocolate treat as we knew we couldn’t replicate it at home. It seems we were wrong! We now know that all we need to do is buy a bag of Belgian Milk Chocolate Drops from Chocolate At Home and a selection of sweets and fruits and then we can dip them into the melted belgian chocolate fondue and it will taste exactly the same. ?  ? ? chocolate at home logo

At the moment I only have a tiny tealight fondue set but that makes enough chocolate for my daughter and it melts the chocolate drops really well. All you have to do is light the tealight candle, put some of the chocolate drops into the top bowl part of the fondue and then stir the chocolate until it is completely melted. It doesn’t take long at all and my daughter loves being able to dip fruit and marshmallows into the melted chocolate.  When making chocolate fondue for myself I just put some chocolate drops into a microwaveable bowl and heat them in the microwave for as long as it takes until the drops are melted. It’s important to remember to stir the chocolate frequently so it doesn’t burn. It is a really quick way to melt the chocolate and it’s lots of fun dipping fruit into the chocolate. 🙂

christmas lollipops

If you are looking for a chocolatey Christmas gift for a chocoholic friend or family member then you can’t go wrong with some bags of these belgian chocolate drops, a fondue set and a bag of marshmallows to dip into the melted chocolate! It would also be a fab gift to treat yourself to! After all, Chocolate and Christmas go together like Rudolph and Santa! Talking about Father Christmas and his Reindeers, check out my review of the Chocolate At Home Santa and Reindeer Chocolate Lolly Making Kits! They are perfect to buy as stocking fillers for children…. or adults!

Click here to purchase the Belgian White Chocolate Drops from Chocolate At Home

Click here to purchase the Belgian 53% Dark Chocolate Drops from Chocolate At Home

Click here to purchase the Belgian Milk Chocolate Drops from Chocolate At Home

They also have some other varieties of single origin Dark and Milk Chocolate Drops to buy which are a bit more expensive per bag. You can view them here >> is brought to you by Keylink Ltd, the unique one stop shop for professionals working with chocolate. They decided that they would develop some fun, exciting and most of all delicious chocolate kits that beginners can make at home. They also chose to sell chocolate supplies so we could all benefit from being able to buy top quality chocolate at reasonable prices.

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*Huge thanks to Chocolate At Home for gifting me these bags of their Belgium Chocolate Drops to review. I have been nice and shared some of my chocolate drop stash with my brother as I knew he would love to try it out too. That was a hard thing to do…..chocolate isn’t something I make a habit of sharing!  Santa, If you are reading this….. I would love to see more chocolate under my Christmas Tree on the 25th! Thanks. 

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