Review Of Palinka (Hungarian Fruit Brandy) Cocktail Gift Box, Miniature Bottle Sets and Chocolates from Szicsek Pálinka

szicsek palinka hungarian fruit brandyJust before Christmas Szicsek Pálinka asked me if I would like to be gifted some of their Palinka to feature on my blog. Now I will be honest here –  I didn’t know what Palinka was – but as soon as I found out it was Hungarian Fruit Brandy I knew that my brother would love to try this out so I gladly took them up on their kind offer. 🙂

Their Palinka is handcrafted using 100% fruit which is made using the old traditional methods. Szicsek Palinka Ltd is a family run business which has been making this Award Winning Palinka for over 30 years! Their drink is solely made from 100% fruit – only distilled water has been added to the process. No sugars or aromas have been incorporated into the drink. 

I didn’t tell my brother that he would soon have some Palinka to try as I wanted to keep it a surprise. Turns out it was just as big a surprise for me because the lovely team at Szicsek Pálinka had sent me such a generous parcel! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that not only had they sent my brother a Palinka Cocktail Box but they had also sent him a  “Szicsek ‘LNDN’ Miniature Palinka Selection”, a “Szicsek ‘Xmas’ Miniature Palinka Selection” and a 100g box of Raspberry Palinka Dark Chocolate Liquor chocolates!

The Palinka Cocktail Box is pictured in the photo above.  It is £35.00 and contains the following items: 200 ml Vino Spumante Prosecco, 40 ml Sour Cherry Palinka with Honey, 40 ml Premium Raspberry Palinka, 120 g Funkin Raspberry Mojito Mixer, 125 ml Schweppes Lemonade, 40 ml Premium Quince Palinka, 120 g Funkin Cosmopolitan Mixer, 125 ml Schweppes Lemonade, 250 ml Mateus Rose wine, 40 g The Dormen Spicy Peanuts.

The Palinka Cocktail Box contains enough alcohol to make 5 glasses of cocktail (Cherry Bellini, Cosmopolitan, Raspberry Mojito) plus you get get a mini bottle of rose wine. Every breakable item in the box was carefully wrapped up in bubble wrap so that they didn’t get damaged in transit.  The items in the box were covered in a layer of tissue paper and fastened closed with a sticker.  It looked like such an inviting gift!

The large cocktail box makes such an amazing present for someone because it will definitely be appreciated and it has the WoW Factor!! 🙂 My brother and my sister-in-law were genuinely impressed with the cocktail box and they have already made a couple of cocktails (sadly I don’t have any photos of their Mojitos as they made them on New Year’s Eve and they forgot to snap a pic before drinking them!)szicsek palinka hungarian fruit brandy

The “Szicsek ‘Xmas’ Miniature Palinka Selection” was a special ‘mini bottle’ addition to their website for the Christmas season and it cost £13.99 for 3 x 40ml miniature bottles of Palinka. The set contained a Premium Damson Plum Palinka, a Premium Jonathan Apple Palinka and a Premium Apricot with Honey Palinka Liqueur. Although the festive gift set is no longer available you will be happy to know you can still buy the full size bottles individually on their site.

The “Szicsek ‘LNDN’ Miniature Palinka Selection” costs £13.99 for 3 x 40ml miniature bottles of Palinka. The set contained a Premium Elderflower Palinka, a Premium Muscat Grape Marc Palinka and a Premium Apricot Palinka. You can buy this gift set on their website and it would be a great little gift to get someone so they can try out Palinka Hungarian fruit brandy for the first time.

My brother loved the presentation of these gift sets and he thinks it is a great way to be able to try the different flavours of Palinka without having to buy big bottles of each flavour. My brother plans to have a small bar area in his dining room and as soon as he gets his drinks cabinet he will have these mini bottles of Palinka on display!

szicsek palinka hungarian fruit brandy

Last but by no means least, we received a 100g box of Raspberry Palinka Dark Chocolate Liquor Chocolates and the packaging looked really luxurious!  These chocolates were destined for my brother so I didn’t eat any myself (although I did nick the 2 Lindor chocs that they had kindly popped into the cocktail gift box. I’m not sure if they were an ‘extra’ festive treat or if they are normally in the gift box….but either way I certainly enjoyed them! 🙂 )

The box contained 100g of Raspberry Palinka dark chocolates (16 pieces) and they cost £4.99. The box is sealed with a  removable gold coloured metal strip – thus how I got away with photographing the chocolates before gifting them to my brother so he could enjoy them.

These chocolates are available in various different flavours. Take a look here >>

My brother and sister-in-law really loved these chocolates and they thought they were a real treat!  If you are looking for a chocolate gift for a friend or loved-one then these hand-crafted Hungarian chocolates are definitely worth considering!

szicsek palinka hungarian fruit brandy

As I hope you can tell from my review, we are very impressed with the products sent to us from Szicsek Pálinka! Prior to receiving the items I had the pleasure of chatting to the team on Twitter a few times and they are so friendly and helpful. Their customer service is fantastic! If you have any questions about their products or if you need cocktail ideas then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Aniko or Steven as I know they will be more than happy to help you. You can contact them on

If you would like to place an order please go to When ordering from their website delivery within the UK is £5.99 regardless of how many items are ordered or free if you spend over £50. They also have a small selection of their products available to purchase with free delivery on their sellers page on Yumbles >>

Please stop by and follow their company on social media. You can find them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

I’d like to say a big thank you to Aniko and Steven for being so kind and gifting their Palinka products to my brother. It is by far one of the best review products I have been lucky enough to receive for him over the last 8 years!


It is important to drink responsibly. For the facts, please visit

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