Review Of Personalised ‘Wedding Day Essentials’ Cosmetics Bag From The Purple Butterfly Etsy Shop. Norfolk-Based Seller

Molly Cosmetics bag

My sister is getting married in April and the wonderful Eleanor from Etsy shop ‘The Purple Butterfly‘ has ever so kindly made and gifted my sister a personalised cosmetics bag for her special day. In return I am going to review it on here.

I am a Norfolk-based blogger and The Purple Butterfly is a Norfolk-based Etsy shop……..Wymondham to be precise.  It’s not all that often that I get the opportunity to review products from local sellers so it is an absolute pleasure to be able to review this beautiful personalised make-up bag that Eleanor made.

I made contact with Eleanor from The Purple Butterfly via Twitter as I had seen her tweets in my timeline and I thought I would reach out to see if she fancied gifting me a personalised cosmetics bag which I could then feature in a review on my blog. I was delighted when she said yes. 🙂

She asked me what colour bag I would like ( natural, navy or black) and what colour I would like for the name. I then replied to her and said that I would ideally like a natural bag with the name being something ‘Weddingy’ like ‘Bride’ maybe? My sister’s name is Molly and I wasn’t quite sure how she could make the bag look like it was for her wedding without having the word Bride in it? Molly the Bride didn’t sound quite right nor did Bride Molly …so I was keen to hear Eleanor’s suggestions. Guess what….she had a great idea. Molly’s Wedding Day Essentials! I loved it!! To give me an idea of what the bag would look like she sent me a photo of a bag that said ‘The Bride – Wedding Day Essentials’  (see photo below). I thought it looked fab!

the purple butterfly

I had told Eleanor that my sister’s wedding theme colours were silver and baby blue so she incorporated these into the design by printing ‘Molly’ in baby blue, printing ‘Wedding Day Essentials’ in glittery silver, printing the heart in a glittery silver and adding a stunning blue tassel with a heart shaped charm with the initial ‘M’ on it.

The personalised cosmetics bag measures 19cm x 18cm x 9cm and costs £10.99 with the tassel and the star charm with initial or £9.99 without the tassel and star charm. There is also £2.00 delivery to pay when ordered on Etsy if the item is being sent within the UK.

When the cosmetics bag arrived it came perfectly packaged in a slim cardboard box that fitted neatly through my letterbox and when I opened it I was over the moon! I knew my sister would adore it and it would be used on the big day and treasured for years to come.  Thank you so much Eleanor!

I have already given the cosmetics bag to my sister and she loved it. She thought it was such a special gift and she thinks Eleanor is so lovely for her making and sending it to her. ❤ She can’t wait to use it on her Wedding Day! She is doing her own make-up on the day so it is great that she can put her cosmetics into the case ready to take with her when she goes to the hotel to get ready before arriving at the wedding venue.

The cosmetics bag is very spacious and has plenty of room for all the essentials that a bride would need…..mascara, foundation, lipstick, blusher, powder etc.  The best bit is that it can be used after the occasion or stored away in a memory box to serve as a reminder of the most precious of days.  The quality of the finished product is amazing and it is really worth the money.  If you are looking for a personalised pre-wedding gift then this is definitely what you should buy!

personalised cosmetics bag

If you would like to order a personalised cosmetics bag as a gift for a bride-to-be you can get in touch with Eleanor by emailing or calling her on 07920 118873.  There isn’t currently a ‘Bride’s Essentials’ Cosmetics Bag listing in The Purple Butterfly Etsy shop but if you were to order this one >> you could then tell Eleanor what you would like in a message on Etsy.

Please note that you don’t have to order one of these cosmetics bag as a wedding gift…you could also order one as a general birthday gift or Mother’s Day gift etc as you can have them personalised however you like! You may just like it to say a name or Mum etc…whatever you would like, I am sure Eleanor will try her best to customise the cosmetics bag so it is how you like it. Prices may vary but please get in touch with Eleanor to find out the prices for custom orders.

The Purple Butterfly Etsy

In The Purple Butterfly shop you will also find plenty of other personalised items for sale such as Pencil Cases, Bibs, Phone Stands and more besides! You will also love her signature Hair Bow Holders! Great gift for a little girl who loves her hair clips and JoJo Bows! Check out the photo collage above for images of some of the items she makes and sells.

Please support The Purple Butterfly by following the company on social media. The links you need are as follows >>

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Thanks for reading my review and thanks again to Eleanor for being so kind and sending my sister her bespoke cosmetics bag.

Update :-

My sister had her wedding and she used her make-up bag to store all her Wedding Day Essentials in. She had packed it at home before we all went down to stay near the wedding venue in preparation for the big day and she loved knowing that as long as she had her cosmetics bag with her then she had all the cosmetics she needed for her special day.  Everyone who saw the bag thought it was a lovely idea and we did too! It is great value for money for a personalised item that will be treasured.

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