Review Of The Delicious ‘Easy Bean’ Gluten Free Chickpea Crispbreads

It was on Twitter that I came across the brand ‘Easy Bean‘ and I saw they made gluten free crispbreads made from chickpea flour.  I was intrigued as to what these would taste like so I contacted the company to see if they could possibly send me a couple of packs so I could try them out and feature them on my blog. Happily, they said yes. Thanks Easy Bean! 🙂

They sent me 2 different packs of their naturally gluten free crispbreads to try out – Chickpea Crispbread Cheddar Crunch and Chickpea Crispbread Seeds and Black Pepper.

Both of these packs retail at approx £2.99 (depending on where you shop).  The Chickpea Crispbread Cheddar Crunch are available to buy online from Natures Healthbox and they are £2.99 a pack. They also stock three other flavours which I haven’t tried. They are Moroccan Spice Chickpea Crispbread, Seaweed & Sesame Chickpea Crispbread and Mung Bean & Chive Chickpea Crispbread. You can buy the Seeds and Black Pepper Chickpea Crispbread from Ocado and they are also £2.99 a pack.

I really didn’t know what to expect when I received the Easy Bean Crispbreads for review and this is mainly because they are marketed as gluten free crispbreads and I don’t follow a gluten free diet. I think I maybe had the misconception that they would taste ‘different’ to the usual gluten-containing crisp breads that I eat. I assumed that they might be bland as chickpeas are quite plain and they are made from chickpea flour.  How wrong was I?!  These taste divine and so moreish! It took all my willpower not to eat the whole pack of the cheddar crunch in one sitting.

The crispbreads are large and filling. They taste buttery, flaky when you bite into them and really delicious. I had these topped with some butter and some slices of yummy cheese… my kind of food!

As I mentioned earlier, I haven’t tried any gluten free crispbreads before so I didn’t what these would be like but they are really amazing and so tasty. I highly recommend!

My favourite of the two flavours was the Cheddar Crunch as I loved the cheesiness!

It is not surprising to see that these won a Gold Great Taste award as they really are lovely to eat!

These are perfect for topping with cheese and chutney, or any type of topping you like. These chickpea crispbreads are something that you will definitely want in your cupboard….whether you follow a gluten free diet or not!

Visit the Easy Bean website by going to and make sure to follow them on social media. You can find them on and

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