Bidvine Are A UK-Based Local Services Tech Startup That Provides You With An Easy Way To Find Professionals For Things You Need Doing, Such As Professional Photography or Computer Repair.


Have you ever heard of Bidvine? If you have, that’s great! If you haven’t….. you are not alone as neither had I until recently.  I saw that they were reaching out to the blogging community for collaborative posts and it sparked my interest so I thought I would take a look at what they are all about.

It turns out they are a UK-based local services tech startup and they provide an easy way to find professionals for things you need doing, such as photography, computer repair, social media marketing, dog walking, marketing, CV writing, DIY and so much more! Basically you go to their site –, fill in some questions regarding the local service you are looking for and then your query is passed on to the professionals who are registered with the site and they then ‘bid’ for your job. The ‘bids’ come in, you then choose who you want to go with and then the work commences.  The pros have to pay a small fee for applying to the job but you don’t have to pay Bidvine for the fact they found them for you. You just pay the professional for work done and you can even review them on the site afterwards to tell others what you thought of their service. On this link you can find more info on how Bidvine works.

Bidvine portrait photography

For this collaborative post I was asked to give you an example of a service that I might use Bidvine for and I have decided upon portrait photography.  Now if you think back to your school days you may (or may not) have fond memories of the school photos. I do… It was always a great excuse to get out of lessons for a bit to have your photo taken! Plus of course those photos act as a wonderful visual reminder of how you changed during your time at school.

Now the reason I am talking about school photos is this…..I home educate my daughter and thus she doesn’t have school photos taken as she doesn’t go to school. Of course I always take lots of photos of her with my smartphone camera when we are at home and when we are out and about on home-ed trips, days out and holidays etc but I can’t say that she has had any professional portrait photography done since I started home-educating her 5 years ago.   When she was little I took her to a local ‘mobile’ photography studio to get photos taken and, to this day, I have these photos up on my lounge wall to look up at and remember what she was like when she was pre ‘school age’ but I don’t have any professional photos to look at since after she turned school age – i.e 4 or 5 years old.

Bidvine portrait photography

If I so wished, I could use Bidvine to find a local portrait photographer who would come out and take professional photos for me. With the way the questions on Bidvine work I am able to say how quickly I need the photographer, I can specify how much my budget is, I can say whereabouts I live (so they can make sure they can get to my location), I can say what kind of photographs I want taken (traditional, outside photography etc) and then at the end of the questions my answers are submitted to local professionals photographers who can submit their bids for the job. Once the bids come in (this could take a few days), I could then choose who I want to go with for the portrait photography.

The Bidvine process should hopefully save you time as you don’t need to spend ages looking around on the net and in local magazines etc for someone who can do what you need, instead you spend a minute answering some questions on the Bidvine site and they then spend their time submitting your job to the local professionals that fit the bill! Once their bids come in, you then choose who you want to go with.

Bidvine portrait photography

I haven’t used Bidvine yet but if I ever decide that I need a professional for a job – be that for anything from professional photography to carpet cleaning –  then I think it would be a good idea for me to take a look on Bidvine to see who they can find for the job. After all, it doesn’t cost so there is nothing to lose…just time to save!

You can visit the Bidvine website by going to www,

Please take a moment to follow them on social media. They are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


*This is a collaborative post and I have been given an Amazon voucher to compensate me for my time writing this post. I am really happy about this as educational workbooks, games and activities are not always cheap so the gift voucher will definitely help me buy some new things for my daughter. Thanks Bidvine! 🙂

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