Review Of The Delicious Treats At Mindoro Desserts In Norwich

mindoro norwich

Update – 2019 – This restaurant has now closed down

A picture says a thousand words and the photo above says it all! The desserts at Mindoro are delicious! I went there on my birthday as they had kindly said a few weeks before that if I went there one day they would gift me some desserts to the value of £10 so I could try out their tasty treats. I had said that I would pop in one day when I was shopping in the city and it just so happened that I decided to take them up on their lovely offer on my birthday.

Mindoro is located at 1 Westlegate, Norwich which is at the bottom of St Stephens Street – just across the road from the Tesco Express. It’s a nice central place to go when you are out and about in the city and want to stop somewhere for a bite to eat and a drink.

mindoro norwich

I took my daughter with me to Mindoro as we had spent my birthday in the city doing some shopping and going out for a meal. As you can imagine, my daughter was so excited to be able to go and have some ice-cream there and Mindoro’s big selection of Parravanis ice-cream flavours didn’t disappoint!

We went into the Mindoro Dessert Parlour and introduced ourselves and the staff were ever so friendly. They gave me a £10 note to use against my purchases and they told us to go and pick where we would like to sit and that someone would be over shortly to give us a menu and then take our order. We chose a cosy booth in the corner of the art-deco themed dessert parlour and once we had been given a menu we set about deciding what delicious deserts we would order.

It was a tough choice but in the end we decided to get both a waffle and an ice-cream sundae to share between us.

mindoro norwich desserts

My choice was the ‘Ferrero Rocher’ Signature Sundae’ and it was £6.95 of pure deliciousness! ??? It was Hazelnut and Vanilla ice creams, crushed nuts, Nutella Sauce and crushed Ferrero Rocher— topped with whipped cream. It was served in a sundae dish and came with two wafers curls.  It was a delight to eat!

My daughter’s choice was the ‘Gelato Waffle‘ with Bubblegum and Candyfloss ice cream. It costs £6.30 and ordinarily it comes with 2 scoops of Madagascan Vanilla ice cream but you are allowed to swap it for other flavours at no extra charge. ??? My daughter adored this dessert and she loved the ice cream flavours that she chose. In my daughter’s own words she describes this dessert as an ‘Explosion of flavours in her mouth!‘. I found that the bubblegum flavour ice-cream was unquestionably ‘bubblegum’ — it was tasty and not at all sickly – which sometimes it can be. The candyfloss flavour ice-cream was AMAZING! It tasted just like the real thing! The waffle was also topped with whipped cream and toffee sauce ….but there were lots of other sauces we could choose from. It was so tasty and filling.Mindoro Desserts Norwich Menu

Once we had finished the meal we then received the bill for £13.25 which we went and paid at the till on the way out. I paid using a combination of my own money and the £10 note they had gifted me at the beginning.

We were soooo impressed with the place! The art-deco decor is upmarket, the food is delicious but affordable and the choice of dessert combinations is immense! I was pleased to see a constant flow of happy customers when I visited and it is definitely somewhere I will go again. It was a lovely birthday treat to go to Mindoro with my daughter and enjoy their tasty desserts, They actually serve savoury options too so maybe next time I visit I will try a panini or a savoury crepe.

Make sure to follow Mindoro Norwich on social media so you can keep up to date with the newest additions to their menu and their latest offers.  They are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

* Thank you Mindoro for gifting me your desserts to try out. 🙂

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