‘Best Christmas Gifts for Your Awesome Geeky Kid’ – Guest Post by TrulyExperiences.com

Christmas is only a matter of weeks away and I can’t wait! I am excited to have now started publishing my Christmas themed posts and gift guides on my blog.  Today I have a sponsored guest post for you all which suggests the ‘Best Christmas Gifts for Your Awesome Geeky Kid. This was written by TrulyExperiences.com. They have some great gift ideas for us all! Take a look………

Best Christmas Gifts for Your Awesome Geeky Kid

So you’ve got a geeky kid. We love geeky kids! They’re too smart for their own good, too deep with their nose in a thick sci-fi novel, or too damn fast with technology for you to keep up.

To brighten up their holiday season, I’ve put together an awesome Christmas gift guide that will have them tearing away from their screen to give you a big ‘thank you’ hug. All with the right amount of nerdy, fun and thoughtfulness, they’ll give your gift-giving skills a super-powered boost.

Gamer Geek

Some kids just want to escape. So much so that they’d rather spend hours in another virtual world than in the real world. (Can you blame them?) These gaming gifts will let them do just that.

  • Gaming Mouse Pad – This might not sound like the most exciting gift. For a lot of us a mouse pad is more of a stationary chore to buy than a Christmas gift. But believe me, if you’re an avid gamer you’ll understand. Not only does a kick-ass mouse pad give your little gaming geek higher speed and more precision, but it’ll also give their wrists extra comfort.  An essential for that late-night marathon of League of Legends.
  • Virtual Reality System – Remember how I said gamers like to escape reality? Well nothing does that like a VR systemThe state-of-the-art VR headsets available today take your geeky gamers favourite pastime to a whole new level. I’m talking heart-pumping, hair-raising, totally immersive interactions with the virtual world.  This is one Christmas gift that you should definitely try yourself (if your kid will let you).
  • Mobile Gaming System – For the geeky kid on the go, a mobile gaming system means they can play their very favourite games anywhere, anytime. Simply attach your smartphone on the top of the controllers, sync it up and voila! A mini gaming system in the palm of your hands. No more frivolous tapping on a phone screen to reach the next level – they can now use a real controller to play all sorts of fun games.
  • Real Near-Space Travel – Turn their passion for space-themed video games into a reality with real-life near-space experience. Travelling in Bloon, a zero-emission pod that relies on a large ‘sail’ filled with static helium gas, they’ll be lifted 22 miles into the earth’s atmosphere. Cruising in space for a couple of hours, they can enjoy a spectacular view of our planet and learn about Earth in the most unique way. A once in a lifetime experience perfect for any youngsters with their heart set on becoming an astronaut.

History Geek

  • Interactive Museum Visit – If your kid has an uncanny passion for the past, there’s no better place to be in than a city filled with history! Rather than giving them a thick novel on World War II, why not treat them to a fascinating visit to a historical museum?  Whether they’re into natural history, war-time history or even fashion history, there’s a hub of interactive fun waiting for them.
  • Ancient Civilisation Pop-up Books – You might think pop-up books are just for little kiddies but think again! Take your pick from the fascinating civilizations from Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, and let your little historian travel to another time. The intricate details and interesting facts from a time long gone will have them mesmerized for hours.

Sci-fi Geek

Here’s where you have to be a bit careful – make sure you know which science-fiction fan you’re dealing with. Whatever you do, do not, I repeat, do not, get Star Wars and Star Trek mixed up. You will not hear the end of it

  • R2-D2 Droid Inventor Kit – Without a doubt, your Star Wars fan will have heaps of fun assembling this droid unit. After they’ve worked hard putting him together, this nifty little robot comes to life and can be controlled with a downloadable app on your smartphone. Welcome to the newest member of the family!
  • Star Trek Slippers –To protect your little geek’s feet from the final frontier, invest in a pair of comfy Star Trek themed slippers. Not only are you giving your mini Dr. Spock a Christmas gift they’ll love, you’re giving them some new clothing that they’ll actually enjoy wearing. Two birds, one stone. May the force be with you.

Active Geek

Not every geek sits behind their computer all day – there are some that like to get out there and move around! We’ve got the perfect sporty gadgets for your athlete in the making.

  • Waboba Moon Ball – This crazy handheld ball of fun is no ordinary sphere- it’s packed with a whole lot more fun that turns any routine game into a completely new experience. With its gravity-defying feature, this ball takes bouncing to a whole new level – it’s able to bounce up to 100 feet in the air! By far the best part is the fantastic makes “POP!” sound it makes on landing. Ball games just got a whole lot more hilarious.
  • Hoverboard – One of the latest, high-tech sporty gadgets around, the hoverboard is really the coolest way for your kid to get around. The two-wheel self-balance electric device is purely operated by your kid’s feet, giving them the freedom to zip around in style wherever, whenever. Depending on your price range, you can find hoverboards with plenty of extra features, from multi-colour LED displays to Bluetooth speakers.
  • Stomp Rocket – For the little rascal who’s got way too much energy, this flying toy rocket is a blast. Running, jumping and stomping launches their foam rocket, soaring up to 100 feet in the air. Everyone can have a turn seeing who stomp it the highest! For an extra special gift this holiday season, go for the glow-in-the-dark rockets that stand out against the night sky. This is one gift that’s guaranteed to light up their Christmas.

Comics Geek

  • Wonder Woman Headphones – Perfect for a heroine (or hero) these edgey headphones are designed with the beauty and stamina of the Amazonian Goddess herself. Stylish and lightweight, their audio quality can blast some great tunes and drown out the rest of the world. Perfect for some serious comic book reading time.
  • Captain America Shield Backpack – With this awesome backpack on their back, your youngster will really feel like a superhero as they walk into school. Designed for long missions, the hard plastic outer shield will protect all your child’s important items. But it’s also super comfy, with its padding, designed just to look like Captain America’s shining blue uniform.
  • Blank Comic Book – So they’ve read thousands of pages of comic books? Well maybe it’s time they got a little creative and drew their own! This blank comic book is filled with pages of blank comic paper that’s perfect for any markers and coloured pencils. It’s also got plenty of fun templates for them to get their creative juices going. Forget Superman, now they can create their very own superhero! Super Mum comes to mind…

Geek On Fleek

With so many incredible gadgets and imaginative nerdy gifts around, buying a Christmas gift for your awesome little geek has never been easier (or more fun).  

Whether they’re a budding scientist, a future astronaut or the next professional gamer, it’s important that you provide them with an awesome gift that will really let their nerdy creative genius shine.

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