Christmas Gift Idea: Review Of Miniature Palinka Bottle Set (Hungarian Fruit Brandy) From Szicsek Palinka

Szicsek Palinka Alcoholic Gift SetIt can be difficult to know what to buy people for Christmas but it’s always great to get them something a little bit different and this Miniature Palinka Bottle set – Christmas Selection – from Szicsek Pálinka is the ideal gift to buy for friends or family that like to drink alcohol. It might be that they’ve never tried Palinka before so this is the perfect way for them to become acquainted with Hungarian Fruit Brandy. The set is £13.99 for 3 x 40ml bottles – each in  a different flavour.

Szicsek Pálinka kindly sent me one of the Xmas Selection Miniature Palinka Bottle Sets to feature on my blog as a Christmas Gift Idea.  I gave the set to my brother as I already know he loves Palinka because they sent him some of their products to try out last Christmas. (Read the previous review here >>

The Palinka from Szicsek Pálinka is handcrafted using the old traditional methods. They are a family run business which has been making this Award Winning Palinka for over 30 years! Their drink is solely made from 100% fruit – only distilled water has been added to the process. No sugars or aromas have been incorporated into the drink/

‘Palinka is a broad term for an alcoholic drink distilled from any fruit grown on Hungarian soil. One reason for this is the sheer variety of palinkas on offer. In addition to the traditional staples of apricot,cherry,pear and plum,palinka is made from dozens of fruits, from elderflower and quince to blackberry and raspberry. Within these,there are local specialities,varieties and techniques waiting to be discovered’

Szicsek Palinka Alcoholic Gift SetThe Palinka set contained the following 3 flavours in 40ml bottles:-

  • Plum (44% ABV)
  • Honey Sour Cherry Liqueur (34% ABV)
  • Honey Purple Apricot Liqueur (34% ABV)

The miniature Palinka bottles are neatly presented in a cardboard presentation box which makes the set look ever more special as a Christmas gift.  If you prefer you could always buy a set of these and split them up to give 3 different people one small bottle of Palinka each to try. Great ‘adult’ stocking filler!

When I gave my brother the Palinka spirit set he was really pleased to have the opportunity to try these again and wanted me to say a big thanks to Szicsek Pálinka for sending them to him. Thanks Aniko and Steven. 🙂

If you would like to buy this Szicsek ‘XMAS’ Miniature Palinka Selection please go to their website to make a purchase. Delivery is £5.99 or free on orders over £50. You could easily end up spending £50+ though as they have a lovely selection of Palinka products on their site, including luxury Palinka chocolates , unique tulip glasses and a Christmas Hamper!

Please stop by and follow their company on social media. You can find them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can read all about the history of the company here >>


It is important to drink responsibly. For the facts, please visit

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