My Fantasy 100K Shopping List!

My Fantasy 100K Shopping List!

Have you ever dreamed of winning the lottery? I know I certainly have! Wouldn’t it be lovely to have so much money that you never needed to worry about money again. Bliss!

Well today I am collaborating with Lottoland on creating a fantasy shopping list of things I would do and buy if I won big! I could pick any fantasy amount I liked and I’ve chosen 100K….I did toy with the idea of a million but I didn’t want to appear too greedy!

So here goes, If I won 100K on the lottery……

  • First I would pinch myself to check I wasn’t dreaming!
  • I would take my beloved Romahome campervan Minnie to the garage so she could be re-sprayed bright red with white polka dots on so she lives up to her namesake, Minnie Mouse. She is about 30 years old and my parents bought her for me as a gift last year. I love her so much and I’d spend a good chunk of my money of paying for pitch fees so I could go away to local destinations I love and visit often such as Parkdean California Cliffs Holiday Park and Butlins Skegness. I am not the most confident driver when it comes to driving long distances but I will happily drive to those places from where I live. If I won 100K I suppose I could afford to tow Minnie to my chosen holiday destination is wasn’t somewhere I’d drive myself!
  • I would buy my parents the all-singing-all-dancing motorhome they have always wanted. This would be to say thank you to them for buying me Minnie and of course to show them my gratitude for being such lovely parents and grandparents. To make it more fun I wouldn’t pick the motorhome myself, I would give them the cash because I know my Mum would love to wander round all the Motorhome shops looking for the perfect one.
  • I would take my daughter and all my family to Walt DisneyWorld in America. I have always dreamed of going there but the cost is out of my reach. I would book us into a really lovely resort hotel and when I am there I would definitely be booking to go in a Minnie Van (look at the pic and you’ll see why….it’s super spotty!! As you can tell from my blog, I love red and white polka dots)
My Fantasy 100K Shopping List!

Images are from the following websites:- Butlins, California Cliffs, Walt Disney World and Eastons. Campervan is my own.

  • I would book on to lots of coach trips and holidays with my local coach trip company Eastons. As I home educate my daughter it would be lovely to take her to interesting and educational places all around the UK and although if I won the lottery I could easily afford to travel by train, or maybe even helicopter!, I would still like to travel on the Eastons trips though as I love the camaraderie of the fellow day-trippers.
  • I would donate money to local charities and try and help them in any way I can. My daughter and I already do our best to regularly help charities by donating money and spending our time doing things that benefit them but if I had more money to give them we could make even more of an impact.
  • I would put some of it away in the bank for my 9 year old daughter so that she’d have some money for when she is older.  She would definitely have lots of fun spending it when she’s 18, I’m sure!
  • I would pay off all my outstanding bills and debts plus I’d put money aside for any future ones. I might even treat myself to a new car…you’ve guessed it. Bright red with white polka dots so you’ll all know it’s me driving through Norfolk!

I will finish my fantasy shopping list there but in truth I could go on and on with it as there is a lot you could buy with 100K! What would you buy or do if you won the lottery? Let me know in the comments.

The main thing about winning the lottery is that you have to be in it to win it and Lottoland gives you a chance to bet on the outcome of lotteries around the world! With Lotto Betting you pick the numbers you think will be drawn in your chosen lottery and then you place a bet on those numbers being chosen. If you are correct with your number choices Lottoland will then pay out the prize money to you and you could be talking massive amounts of it! A lady in June 2018 won €90 MILLION (£79,000,000) by jackpot betting on the outcome of the EuroJackpot with Lottoland and it even earned Lottoland a place in the Guinness World Records for ‘Largest Online Gambling Payout’! I’m not sure I could even envisage what I would spend that kind of money on. It would be truly life-changing!



*This is a collaborative post with Lottoland. Please remember that Gambling involves risk so only gamble with funds that you can afford to lose.

1 thought on “My Fantasy 100K Shopping List!

  1. Erick Soler

    I would definitely buy a new house to my parents, a promise yet to fulfill 🙂 then would create a new education program to help those who can’t afford to study, the I would move myself to Ireland.

    Briliant article!!!


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