UK Home Educators, Check Out Kids Shows ‘Operation Ouch’ and ‘Operation Ouch – Hospital Takeover’ On BBC iPlayer Before They Expire.

operation ouch

Yesterday my daughter discovered ‘Operation Ouch – Hospital Takeover‘ on BBC iPlayer and it’s a great CBBC programme which is perfect for those of you that home educate your child, like I do. It’s all about the human body and it’s really interesting for kids and adults too. Since she started watching ityesterday she has already learnt so much about bones, the inner ear, infection etc.

I just wanted to let any home educators out there know about the show in case you decide to start watching it with your child.  There’s also another series which is just called ‘Operation Ouch‘.  Most of the episodes in both programmes are only available for 2 weeks or less from 13/12/18 so we’d all best get watching!

Click here to watch ‘Operation Ouch

Click here to watch ‘Operation Ouch – Hospital Takeover

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