Christmas Gift Idea: Review Of The Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack From

anti-theft backpack

If you are looking for the ideal Christmas gift for a lady that loves to travel or who commutes to work most days then it has to be the Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack from!

I was really lucky to be given the opportunity to receive this anti-theft backpack to review on my blog and I absolutely love it! Doesn’t it look good in front of the London Eye! I wore it on a day trip to London in November and it was a dream to use.

Basically the  Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack it is a sturdy, comfy backpack which CANNOT easily be opened from the outside of the bag! How Cool is that….no wonder CoolGift sell it! 🙂

anti-theft backpack

The zip to get into the inside of the bag  is concealed against your back when you are wearing it which means that you can rest assured no-one will be getting their hand into your backpack un-noticed when you are wearing it on the busy high street or on the tube etc. As soon as the lovely team over at Cool Gift said they could send me one to review I was thinking about how much easier and less stressful it would make my day trips to London and other places where there are lots of crowds. It turns out I wasn’t wrong either…it really did!

When I wore it to London in November I felt so much more confident knowing that my belongings were secure on my back and that the zip to get to them was snugly concealed down near the side of my lower back. I would definitely notice if someone was trying to get into this Bobby Backpack but the same can’t be said for the rest of the backpacks I own.

anti-theft backpack

The website description of the Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack is as follows :-

“Thieves won’t stand a chance against the Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack. All zippers and compartments are neatly hidden, so you can pass through the busiest crowds and not worry one bit. With its multiple layers of fabric, the Bobby is not just knife-resistant, but also shock-resistant and water-repellent.

But this versatile backpack wasn’t just designed to give thieves a hard time: it also makes the owner’s life much easier! The special ergonomic design distributes the total weight in ingenuous ways, making it much easier to carry. Use the built-in USB port to charge your smartphone (with a powerbank to be installed by the user). And its high-visibility stripes make you more visible in dark situations. Another great feature for travellers: the Bobby can be easily attached to a travel trolley with the strap on the back.”

anti-theft backpack

There is so much that I love about this backpack and I had been wanting it for ages and then, by chance, the opportunity came to get it from as a review product. That made my Christmas! I had advertised on a website that I was looking for Christmas Gift Ideas to review on my blog and they got in touch to say that they sell loads of suitable items that would be perfect as ‘Christmas Gifts for Her‘ . I took a look through their website and when I saw they stocked the Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack I knew that was the perfect Christmas Gift for me to review.

anti-theft backpack

The website is based in the Netherlands but delivery to the UK usually only takes around between 2-3 days from dispatch. I honestly couldn’t believe how quickly it got here! You can read all about the delivery details by going to The charge for delivery to the UK is €6.50 for the total order by GLS Parcel Service. At the time of writing this, it works out at roughly £6 GBP which is a great price for delivery when you consider it is coming to you from abroad.  Go to to find a handy money conversion chart.

anti-theft backpack

The Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack was the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign and that is how come I knew about it prior to browsing the Cool Gift website. At the time of its launch there had been a lot of press surrounding it because it was something that so many people wanted and needed.

The bag has 3 hidden zippers – one which nestles against your back and two small ones at the bottom side of the bag where the straps meet the bottom of the bag – hard to explain but the photos above show what I mean.

There is also a small compartment on the side of the straps which is ideal for slipping a bus ticket into (see the photo below to see a picture of this pocket).

The inside of the bag has a dedicated laptop and tablet compartment which would be useful if you will be having to carry around your electronics with you on your commute. I on the other hand won’t be needing to do this so I just used these pockets to put the usual bits and pieces in – purse, mobile phone, pen, paper, snacks, etc.

anti-theft backpack

The backpack is knife-resistant and features a shock-resistant foam layer. It is an ergonomic design which helps distribute the weight of the backpack comfortably across your back when in use.  I really like this feature and I definitely noticed the difference when wearing it packed full of all the things we needed for a day out in the Capital.

The material used for the bag is water-repellent and the bottom of the bag is wipe clean which is really handy if you need to stand your bag down for a minute and the floor is dirty.

There is a really nifty integrated USB port for a portable powerbank (not included with bag). I absolutely adore this feature of the backpack! In my day job as a freelance social media manager I rely on my mobile phone so much and I always have to carry one if not two portable battery packs with me when venturing away from the house for the day. I am very used to trying to either balance my mobile phone and portable power back in one hand or instead trying to put the power pack in my jeans pocket and then trailing the cable from there to my mobile phone in my hand. Both ways is inconvenient and many a time I had longed for a backpack like this which has an integrated USB port! Basically inside the backpack there is a pocket where you can put your fully charged power pack (which you need to charge prior to putting it into the bag). Once the power pack is in the pocket you then plug in the integrated USB cable. Now all you have to do is zip your bag up and then when the time comes that you want to charge your phone on-the-go you just take out a charging cable and plug the USB end into the little connector which is placed on the bottom side of the bag (see photo). Hey presto – you can now charge from a battery back without having to precariously balance it in your hand or have it in your pocket where-by you keep accidentally pulling it out when you are walking about. I actually used the USB charging port whilst walking along Oxford Street and it was a dream to use!

anti-theft backpack

The backpack I was sent is a lovely grey colour and it has reflective stripes for high visibility – as you can see in the photo above. The reason the above photo shows it on a pushchair is because my sister borrowed it to use as a changing bag one day when we went shopping in Norwich.  The colour was a perfect match to her pushchair! The backpack can also be ordered in a black colourway and a red/black colourway.

On the top of the backpack there is a really useful carry handle and on the back of the bag there is a strap which you can use to attach the bag over the handle of a travel trolley.

So now that I have told you everything there is to know about the Bobby Ant-Theft backpack it is time for me to tell you why I love it…..

I love the fact that by wearing this backpack I feel like my belongings are much safer than if I was wearing an ordinary rucksack or handbag. I love that the sturdy design helps distribute the weight across my back and I love that this has the integrated USB port as it makes my life so much easier when I am doing my social media work away from my home.

The Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack can be bought at for €89.00 which at the time of writing works out at approx £80.00. If you know someone who loves to go travelling or who is regularly in busy places because of work, university or leisure then they are sure to love receiving this anti-theft backpack as a Christmas Gift.

Before I go, I just wanted to let you all know about some other fantastic Christmas Gift Ideas that sell on their website . Click the links to be taken to the product page to make a purchase.  I picked these items as they all appeal to me as being perfect as Christmas gifts for friends and family. I love the sound of the LED Handbag light as it is always impossible to find things in the bottom of your handbag and this light is activated by touch or movement so all you have to do is drop it into your bag and then whenever you go rummaging in your bag for your keys or phone it will light up. Genius idea!

Christmas gifts for her

*Please note that the GBP prices are approximate and are subject to change on a daily basis. Use to convert the € to £ price for items listed on

*Thank you so much Cool Gift for sending me this backpack to review. I love it! 


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