Review Of Talia Soft Close Family Toilet Seat. Complete Family Toilet Seat with Integrated Child Seat Platform – Ideal for Potty Training.

Talia Family seat toilet seat 2I recently contacted ‘Family Seat‘ on Twitter and asked them if they would consider gifting me one of their Family Toilet Seats to review on my blog and the lovely team said that ‘Yes, they would!’. So here I am today, reviewing my first ever loo seat on ‘My Mummy Reviews’….not just any bog-standard loo seat though (excuse the pun!?)….the Talia Soft Close Family Toilet Seat!

I gave the toilet seat to my parents so that they could fit it in their house as it would come in very handy for when they have all their grandchildren round.

Talia Family Seat Toilet Seat

The Talia Soft Close Family Toilet Seat is the latest generation Family Seat and an ideal potty training seat for children over 18 months. Basically it is a toilet seat which fits onto a standard toilet but it has two different seats – a standard seat platform for older children and adults and an integrated child seat platform for children aged 18 months+. It is a fantastic idea as it encourages and enables younger children to use the toilet like their parents and older siblings. To a young child the idea of sitting on the toilet using a normal adult sized seat can be so daunting and that is why the child seat of the Talia seat is fantastic – it allows the child to feel safe and secure sitting on the toilet – this means your child is likely to be much more receptive to the idea of becoming potty trained.

The Talia seat has a soft close function which means that the lid or seats don’t slam down when closed – instead they softly close so that children don’t run the risk of having their fingers trapped when using the seat. This feature alone is a god-send!  The video below shows you the soft close function in action >>

The Talia Family Toilet Seat is £39.95 with free UK delivery (prices correct at time of writing) but if you need to order 2 or more seats you can get them for £34.95 each. The toilet seat comes with a 10 year guarantee which guarantees it against defective material or assembly of material under normal usage. The guarantee does not cover general wear and tear on the product.

The toilet seat is fantastic quality and in total it weighs 3.75 kg because it is made of high-grade Duroplast. You can tell by the sturdiness of the toilet seat that you will get many years of use out of it but thankfully because of the soft close feature of this family loo seat you don’t need to worry about the weight of the seat landing on little fingers.

On the Family Seat website they say that their ‘unique soft close action and high specification hinges have been tested to more than 50,000 forced closed cycles (more than any other manufacturer of whom they know)’. They also state that ‘This reflects how Family Seat is dedicated to going above and beyond in the research and design of their products, in order to give their customers toilet seats of the highest order.’

Talia Family seat toilet seat

The toilet seat arrived with me well-packaged in a cardboard box so that it didn’t arrive damaged in transit and the delivery process was really easy. I was required to sign for the parcel so they knew it had arrived safely with me.

The Talia seat is sold as being ‘extremely easy to fit to both contemporary and traditional toilet pans, with both top and bottom fixing options’ and I can vouch for the fact that they are telling the truth that it is easy to fit. My dad said it took him no time at all to fit it on the toilet in their bathroom and he said it was really easy to fit too! My Mum was thoroughly impressed with the quality of this new toilet seat and she thinks it’s really great to have a toilet seat like this at her house as it allows her young grandchildren to be able to confidently use the toilet when they are potty training. The best thing is that once the need for a child’s toilet seat has gone that you don’t need to buy a new loo seat – you just leave the child seat part as it is (safely attached inside the recess of the lid with magnets) and continue to all use the adult seat platform instead.

Talia Family seat toilet seat

This Talia toilet seat came with a handy potty training reward chart and a door hanger for the child to hang on the door that says they can use the potty. Once your child has successfully been potty trained you can even download a ‘Success Certificate’ on the Family Seat website to give to your child. I think it is a lovely touch that they have included the chart and door hanger in the package and that they offer you the chance to personalise and download a free ‘Well Done’ Certificate for your child. Children love these kind of fun incentives and rewards! I think anything that can help you successfully toilet-train a child is always a welcome addition.

Family Seat also sell another family toilet seat called the Georgia Toilet Seat which retails at £24.95. You can see photos and read all about that seat by going to The main difference between the Talia and Georgia seats – other than the price – is that the Talia is soft close because it is made of heavy duroplast which means it it is very stable and allows young children to feel secure and safe sitting on the seat platform whereas the Georgia is lighter in weight (so doesn’t need the soft close function) because it is made of durable Polypropylene material but it still remains stable for young children to sit on.

So in conclusion, we have nothing but praise for the Talia Family Toilet Seat from Family Seat and we highly recommend it to you all – especially if you are the parent or grandparent of young children – whether they be of an age where they are about to start potty training or even if the time you potty trained them is now a distant memory. After all, thanks to the design of the Family Seat loo seats children are able to use both seat platforms way beyond the time when they have first been first potty trained.

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