List of FREE Clipart Websites – Great To Use In Home Education Projects

List of FREE Clipart Websites - Great For Home Education Projects

I home educate my 9 year old daughter and she loves going on the computer and creating posters and images etc. This week she has been making collages using Picmonkey (which I have a premium subscription to because I use it to create images for my social media management day job and for using in posts on this blog).

Today we have been chatting together about where she can get her clip art / images to use in her work and about image attribution etc and that prompted me to create this post with a list of websites where you can download free clip art / images / PNGs / Vectors for your child to use in their posters, computer work, home education projects etc.

Please note that it’s important that you check the terms and conditions on each website and check if you need to provide attribution for the images etc.  Also, you may want to go on to these websites with your child , just in case there are any inappropriate images/clip art on there etc.  Also, at the time of creating this post, these websites all seemed to be free but this may change in the future. So please double check when you visit each site – just to be on the safe side. Thanks. 🙂

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