Review of an Adorable Handmade ‘Fox’ Wooden Name Garland From

Little Timbers Handmade personalised clocks, signs, garlands and gifts for all

Oh my word! This handmade fox design wooden name garland from is so adorable! It was kindly gifted to my sister for her son by the lovely husband and wife team Tina and Nik when we met them at The Baby Show earlier this month.

My sister adores everything with a ‘Fox’ design and when she saw this on their stand she was instantly in love. They were ever so lovely and said they would gift it to her for her son Chase in return for a review on my blog.

Little Timbers Handmade personalised clocks, signs, garlands and gifts for all

You couldn’t miss their stand at ‘The Baby Show’ as not only was it surrounded by a queue of people eager to buy their products but when you looked a little closer you could see it was covered from top to bottom with a vibrant, fun display of their gorgeous handmade wooden products – of which, most could be personalised there and then, ready to take home to a lucky child!

On their stand at ‘The Baby Show’, and also online, they sell wooden name garlands which are available in lots of different styles and they can all be personalised for free with little wooden letters.  You can choose from wooden coloured name garlands in the following styles  – Unicorns, Stars, Cows, Rabbits, Foxes, Lions, Cars, Dinosaurs, Flowers, Elephants, Hearts, Farm Themed, Horses, Clouds, Dogs, Trains, Large Individual Letters, Tractors, Sharks, Llamas, Flamingos and Sheep. The garlands are £2.50 per shaped design (with a letter on) and £1.50 if the shaped design is a giant letter. So this ‘Chase’ fox design name garland would cost £12.50 to buy.Little Timbers Handmade personalised clocks, signs, garlands and gifts for all

They sell handmade wooden pendulum clocks in an array of designs which again can all be personalised for free with your child’s name using little wooden, colourful letters. The designs include things such as a Fox, a Panda, an Owl, a London Bus, a Hot Air Balloon, A Unicorn, A Cloud and a Tractor. They sell 53 different designs of wooden pendulum clock in total so there is a clock to suit every child! These personalised wooden clocks cost between £31.99 and £34.99. Each clock takes 2 x AA batteries. and they have been fitted with a silent sweeping system so the clock will make no noise and won’t disturb your child while they are sleeping.

They sell Wooden mini standing clocks in 29 different designs. These ones cannot be personalised due to their design but they are still equally wonderful! The standing clocks are available in designs such as a Llama, a Black Cat, a Fox, a Tractor and a Unicorn. These mini wooden standing clocks cost £14.99 each. These mini clocks have also been fitted with a silent sweeping system so they make no noise but these mini clocks only take 1 x AA battery, not 2.

Little Timbers Handmade personalised clocks, signs, garlands and gifts for all

Other products that Little Timbers sell online are Children’s Personalised Door PlaquesChildren’s Personalised Coat Hooks and Name Trains.

The personalised door plaques are available in designs such as a Tractor, a Unicorn, an Owl and a Bus. They all cost £10.99 each which includes the personalisation.

The personalised coat hooks can be ordered in designs such as a Lion, a Rocket, a Butterfly and a Sailing Boat. They are £12.99 each including the personalisation.

Last, but by no means least, the personalised ‘Big Jigs’ wooden magnetic name trains are £2.50 for the train engine at the beginning, £2.50 per carriage with a letter on it and £2.50 for a guard’s carriage (which is a useful addition if you’re only buying a short name train but want to make it a little bit longer to play with). So for ‘Kim’ It would be £2.50 for the train engine, £7.50 for the three letter trains (K,I,M) and £2.50 for the guard’s carriage if I wanted to have that at the end of the train. So a total of £12.50 for a Kim name train.

Little Timbers Handmade personalised clocks, signs, garlands and gifts for all

All of the items I mentioned can be bought online in the Little Timbers web shop and I have seen first-hand that they are made to a high standard by Nik.

The wooden fox garland that they gifted my sister had the name ‘Chase’ on it and my sister chose to have it strung onto a brown gingham ribbon so she can hang it up in his bedroom. As soon as she got home from The Baby Show she showed it to my nephew and he loved it! He too is a big fan of foxes and his little comforter toy that he has had from birth is a fox.

The handmade wooden name garland is a fantastic price at £12.50 and it will be treasured for years to come. It has been made to last which is always a bonus. Nowadays things are sometimes not the best quality but these wooden products from Little Timbers really are….plus they are affordable too!

Little Timbers Handmade personalised clocks, signs, garlands and gifts for all

At the end of the show we went back to the Little Timbers stall to collect the ‘Chase’ garland we were being gifted for review and when I was in the queue a wooden sign on their wall caught my eye and actually made me really emotional. It was a simple wooden sign, hanging up amongst other wooden signs, but this one really resonated with me. It said ‘Mother – I didn’t aspire to be a single mum. I aspired to be the best mum I could be and that hasn’t changed‘.

Now in all my years of blogging I have hardly ever spoken about being a single mum for the last 5 years to my 9 year old daughter but I will make an exception for this wooden sign as it is so poignant. It meant so much to me to see us single mums represented up there on their wall of signs and I just HAD to buy it. I think it was about £5 or £6 and it came with a wire hanging loop and was packaged in a pink polka dot paper bag (now you know from my blog that I really love polka dots – so it was definitely meant to be!) The sign says it all really…..I didn’t want to be a single mum , I wanted to be the best mum and just because I am now a single mum doesn’t mean I still can’t be the best mum! Perfect! Thank you Little Timbers for making and selling this sign for all us single mums to buy for ourselves – it means a lot. When I was in the middle of buying it from Tina, another customer saw me buying it and she too commented that she had never seen a single mum wooden sign before and thought it was fantastic.

Little Timbers Handmade personalised clocks, signs, garlands and gifts for all

So that brings me to the end of my review. I am very impressed with the wooden fox name garland they gifted my sister and I adore the wooden single mum sign that I bought from them. Also, as you’ll see from these testimonials, I’m not the only one who loves their handmade products.

If you are ever in need of some pretty decor items for your child’s bedroom or nursery then I recommend you head to to make a purchase. Their items are also ideal as Birthday Gifts, Naming/Christening Gifts, Christmas Gifts and New Baby Gifts.

Delivery is very affordable at just £3.99 for UK deliveries. However if you want your items shipped abroad that is still possible but the delivery charge will be different.

Little Timbers is a family run business and they have been going strong since 1994. You can find out more about them over on this page of their website >> (plus you can see them all in the photo above).

Please take a moment to follow them on social media. You can find them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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