Review Of Latte and Ice Cream from 21 East Coffee Co. in Great Yarmouth

Last month I had a caravan holiday at Haven Caister and before I went I arranged with 21 East Coffee Co. on Instagram that I would go and check out their new coffee shop in Great Yarmouth and in return for them gifting my daughter an ice cream and me a coffee I would feature them on my blog in a review.

So on a wet, miserable Friday of our holidays my daughter and I headed to Yarmouth to go and visit Marios and Margarita’s new Artisan Coffee Shop & Gelateria.

21 East Coffee Co. is on Regent Road, Great Yarmouth – not too far from the seafront. Before going in I took some snaps from the outside so you can all see how welcoming it looks and when we got inside it was even more lovely! The decor is amazing and it looks really high-end!

The photos are at the top of this blog post.  Take a look >>

21 East Coffee Co

When we entered the coffee shop we found a table and then went to the counter to order.  We had been in touch with Marios the day before to let him know we would be coming that day and so when I introduced myself he knew who I was.

I opted for a Latte which was gifted to me for review and my daughter had the tough choice of deciding which ice-cream to be gifted to try out. There were tons of Carte Dor ice-cream flavours and in the end she decided upon the Candyfloss one. Yum! I also bought myself a slice of Coffee and Walnut Cake and my daughter a Juice Burst bottle of drink.

I am not normally much of a coffee drinker but I do drink it on some occasions – especially on miserable wet days when you wish the sun was shining!  One of the reasons I don’t drink much coffee is because I normally only have instant coffee in the house and that can be quite bitter and grainy……this speciality Latte however was fantastic!

The Latte was so smooth, not too strong and the latte art was the perfect finishing touch! I also loved the design of the cup and saucer – it looked rather posh and so much nicer than a disposable paper cup.

21 East Coffee Co

My daughter adored her ice cream and she definitely made a wise decision going for candy floss flavour.  My cake was delicious and it was a perfect accompaniment to my Latte. The frosting was divine and from the taste of it you could definitely tell the cake was fresh.

I was very impressed with their newly opened coffee shop and it was fun to try out their food and drink. It certainly brightened our rainy day! 21 East Coffee Co. had only been open 3 weeks when we visited so fingers crossed they have a busy time ahead. Please stop by and pay them a visit when you’re next in Great Yarmouth.

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21 East Coffee Co


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