Review Of Baby Wrap Wetsuit and Swimsafe Floatsuit from Jakabel

The lovely team over at kindly gifted my sister a couple of swimwear products for her children for me to review on my blog. They sent out a Swimsafe Floatsuit in Navy/Royal colourway for her 3 year old son and they sent out the Baby Wrap Wetsuit in Dolphin design for her youngest child.

According to the Jakabel website, their brand ‘Jakabel – Safety and fun in the sun‘ is the UK number 1 in protecting your children from the harmful UV rays of the sun. They say on their site that all of their ‘sun protection wear is UVP 50+ whilst also being cool, fashionable designs kids want to wear! ‘. We certainly agree with the statement about being fashionable! After a quick browse through their online shop you’ll see that their sun protection wear and swimwear is all available in bright vibrant designs that kids will love to wear.

Jakabel have designed all their products to help keep your little ones safe in the sun…. and on the beach and in the swimming pool. They know that it’s vital that we all protect our children from the harmful rays of the sun and that is why they’ve designed the products in their range to be suitable for children from birth upwards.

On their website they have said that their high quality nylon/lycra with UVP50+ has a lovely soft feel on your baby’s skin and they’re not wrong! When the Baby Wrap Wetsuit arrived I instantly noticed that it was fantastic quality neoprene – one that I’d be very happy to let my own baby wear….if she was still a baby and not nearly 10yrs old! Where have the years gone since I could call her my baby! Luckily we do still have a baby in the family and so this superb baby swimwear garment is destined to be worn by my new nephew.

The Baby Wrap Wetsuit fastens with velcro at the shoulders, crotch and side which means it is very easy to put on to your little baby. The one they sent me is for a baby aged 0-6 months but they also have it available in the following sizes – 6 – 12 months and 12 – 18 months.

The design we received was a Blue Dolphin Stripe which my sister really loved. It is also available in a Pink Dolphin Stripe, Beach Blue Print , Beach Pink Print, Plain Pink Design and Plain Royal Blue Design.  All designs are £19.95 each.

The Swimsafe Floatsuit they sent my 3 year old nephew is made from a tough Chlorine proof nylon/lycra material that is designed to keep kids safe in the sun and water! The one they sent me was a Navy/Royal Blue colourway. The Jakabel website says that their UV50+ floatsuit is the only one with an anti-tipover neck ring. My sister was very impressed with the quality of this floatsuit and she loved the blue design….as did my nephew. As soon as he put it on he thought he was a blue power ranger! 🙂

The Swimsafe Floatsuit has padding in the chest area to help it float and it also has the anti-tipover neck. The website says “It’s flexible body panels allow your child to learn to swim naturally easily and confidently. The tough Chlorine proof nylon/lycra shorty sunsuit will keep them safe in the sun and water!”

Jakabel swimwear

My sister really liked this floatsuit and so did my nephew. It’s always a bonus when the child actually ‘wants’ to wear the swimsuit rather than has to be encouraged to wear it.

The floatsuit they sent us retails at £34 and it’s available in various designs. They have the Dolphin Blue design, Dolphin Pink design, Navy/Pink Colourway, Pink/Yellow colourway (neoprene) and Royal/Yellow colourway (neoprene).  The 2 neoprene design floatsuits are currently on offer at £25 each.

My 3 yr old nephew can’t swim properly yet but he is certainly enjoying learning and he is very confident in the water which is lovely to see. I’m sure it won’t be long and he will be swimming non-stop in the pool! I have always loved swimming and I think it is so important that children have the opportunity to splash around from a young age so they build up their confidence.

I would like to thank Jakabel for sending these two products to us for review. The swimsuits were just as good quality as we’d expected and we were very impressed with them.

Other products they sell on their website are as follows:  Baby Swim Nappy Wraps, Swim Shoes, Towelling Ponchos, Nylon/lycra sunsuits for adults, swim vests and more besides!

If after reading this review you decide to go ahead and purchase a baby wetsuit, child’s floatsuit or something else from Jakabel you can do so by going to Take a look at the size guide first to make sure you get the right size for your child >>

If you have any questions about the products they stock please don’t hesitate to contact them. They can be emailed on or called on +44 208715 2385 or +44 7975 541406. They are ever such a friendly team and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Before you go, it would be great if you could take a moment to follow them on social media. You can find them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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