Review Of Kally Pillow in Heathered Grey. Full Length Body Pillow for Side Sleepers by Kally Sleep

Kally Pillow

The team over at Kally Sleep got in touch with me at the end of May to see if I would be interested in receiving one of their Kally PillowFull length body pillows to try out and then review on my blog.  I jumped at the chance, especially since I had seen them advertised over on Facebook and was intrigued as to what they were like. I am a side sleeper so this would be a good pillow for me to try out.

I was allowed to choose whichever design I would like and in the end I opted for the ‘Heathered Grey’ version as it looked nice and cosy and would blend in well with the colour scheme in my bedroom. Other choices were: Navy Blue, Burnished Lilac, Charcoal Grey, Stone Blue and Pure White.

Each Kally Pillow is £49.99 and they are described as being “Ergonomically designed by experts to help you enjoy longer periods of deep, uninterrupted sleep in superior comfort. Our sumptuous body pillow provides crucial support for your back, neck, and spine, while the delicate and breathable 100% Cotton Jersey pillow cover helps you stay cool (included free). Totally redefine your sleep with the Kally Pillow.”

Kally Sleep launched their business in 2018 after carrying out a study into the sleep sector to try and understand more about what people expect from a good nights sleep, and the sleep-related problems affecting men and women of all ages. The results they found were staggering!

Kally Sleep is a business totally dedicated to addressing sleep related problems (and getting people the sleep they deserve!) with a range of products designed with the help of Harley Street Doctors and Osteopaths. They say “From our best-selling Kally Pillow, to our side sleeper pillows & pillows for back and neck pain – We have something to suit everyone, no matter how badly (or well!) you sleep.”

Kally Pillow

After I had chosen which pillow colour I wanted I let the Kally Sleep team know and they immediately dispatched it to me. It came very quickly and there was no issue with the delivery.

The parcel was well packaged for delivery so it arrived safely and I was very impressed with the re-usable fabric/plastic presentation zip-up bag that the actual Kally Pillow came in.  You can use it to put your Kally Pillow in – either when you take it with you on holiday etc or when it’s not in use on your bed.  I have put some blankets in my bag and then I have popped it under my bed out the way.

The Kally Pillows are manufactured in the UK and they come with a 14 Day Sleep Trial. So you buy it, try it out to see how you get on and if you’re not satisfied you can return it (at your cost I believe) and you’ll be given a refund. On the website it says you need to call or email them within the 14 day trial period to arrange a refund. You can call them on 0207 499 6209 or send an email to

Kally Pillow

The Kally Pillow measures 160cm x 35cm and it is 1.8kg in weight.  The filling is Hollowfibre and in the FAQs on their website they recommend that you fluff and plump the pillow by hand regularly and that you wash it every 3-6 months.

I have to be honest here and say that I don’t think I will be washing the actual pillow any time soon as I don’t think it would fit in my washing machine and also I would be worried that the filling would go all funny. I have washed normal, cheap pillows and also more luxury ones before and they have always gone funny after a wash – so I think I would instead maybe take it to a dry cleaners to avoid it having to go in the washing machine. I will however regularly wash the jersey pillowcase that the pillow comes in.

Talking about the pillow case – it is a lovely soft jersey and it buttons up so that you can easily take your pillow case off when you want to wash it. With the £49.99 Kally Pillow you will get one pillowcase (your choice of colour from the ones I mentioned earlier) but there is the offer to buy an additional pillow cover for £6.99 rather than the usual £12.99 – when you initially purchase the pillow from their website.

The pillow comes with free standard delivery to UK mainland and if you wanted to have one sent to Europe there is a £6.50 charge for tracked delivery. If you really can’t wait to receive your pillow they offer a next day delivery service (tracked) to UK and Northern Ireland for £3.95.

Kally Pillow

So now I shall share my thoughts about the pillow…..

I love the idea of the pillow and the fact that you kind of hug it and rest your knees and elbows on it but sadly, as much as I have tried, I cannot sleep on it with my neck resting on the pillow too – like in the videos. 🙁  I have come to the conclusion that maybe I have a short neck or maybe it’s just too firm a pillow for my head. Either way, although I cannot use the Kally Pillow under my head , I can still hug it at night and rest my knees and elbows on it and it’s certainly a cosy cushion to cuddle!

The thing is, if I had purchased the cushion – which you might, after reading this – and then I’d discovered after trying it that I couldn’t sleep on it properly then there’s no problem as I could take advantage of the 14 day sleep trial and send it back to them for a full refund. Yes, if you do this you may have to pay for the return delivery but at least you’ll know for sure that it couldn’t help you get the good night’s sleep you needed.   Everyone is different and thus everyone needs a different style of pillow. However you might buy this, try it out and discover that it is absolutely perfect for your body and you get an amazing night’s sleep – then you’ll be delighted and certainly won’t want to take advantage of their offer to return it to them for a full refund!

Kally Pillow

As I received this for review, if I didn’t think I could use the Kally Pillow in my house I would either send it back to them or pass it on to a family member in case they could benefit from it but….there’s no chance of me doing either of those things as my 9 year old daughter adores the pillow and she can sleep on it exactly as intended! She wraps her body round it, snuggles her head on top and sleeps soundly all night! Had I have thought of getting the pillow for her in the first place I could have opted for one of their fun design Kally Pillows for kids but I had intended it for me so that’s why I went for a plain design.

The Kally Kids Pillows are available in the following designs: Rainbow, Cloud Surfing & Moon and Back. They are slightly smaller and lighter than their adult counterparts. The Kally Kids Pillows are 130cm x 30cm and they weight 1.4kg. They are suitable for children aged 3 yrs + whereas the adult ones are for those aged 7yrs+.   The Kally Kids Pillow has been shortlisted in the Junior Design Awards 2019 and the winners are due to be announced late August. Good luck Kally Sleep!

Kally Pillow

Currently both my daughter and I take it in turns to use the Kally Pillow. Some nights she will use it – as intended with her neck and head aligned with her spine and some night I will use it with my joints resting on it but my head on one of my old pillows. I am grateful for Kally Sleep kindly sending us this out to review and keep.

I’d also like to congratulate them on their news that their Kally body pillow is now stocked in Dreams stores across the UK and online too!  Hopefully this means more people will get the opportunity to go to a Dreams store and try out the pillow to see how they get on with it and then if they think it can help them get a good night’s sleep they’ll be able to purchase it there and then and sleep using it the very same night.

Kally Pillow

If you would like to purchase a Kally Pillow – Full Length Body Pillow for side sleepers, please go to the following link to place an order >>

Thanks for reading my review, before you go – please take a moment to follow Kally Sleep on social media. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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