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I was recently given the opportunity to receive a 75ml tube of Hydrosil Turmeric Butter & Hypoallergenic Milk Salve for free so I could review it on my blog. I was interested in receiving the product so that I could gift it to my mum for her to try out.

If I’m honest, I wasn’t too keen myself on the idea of using a salve that contained donkey milk as it just seemed a bit too unusual an ingredient – especially when combined with Turmeric butter – but I knew my mum wouldn’t mind at all! She loves trying out new products and she is always happy when she finds out that the product I have received for review is something she could really do with – such as this Hydrosil dry skin salve from My mum has dry skin in places and she is always telling me to keep an eye out for creams that might improve it for her.

The Hydrosil Turmeric Butter & Hypoallergenic Milk Salve retails at £9.95 on the SkinShop website. Before I tell you our thoughts on the product, here is the website description for it:

An intense dry skin rescue salve containing a patented 100% organic Turmeric Butter and Hypoallergenic Donkey Milk.

Turmeric Butter incorporates the potent actives from the ancient spice Turmeric. It was used historically in both Egyptian and Indian cultures for use on inflammatory and dry skin conditions. Turmeric is blended in a 100% organic butter base made from a natural essential oil from German chamomile (Matricaria recutita. This specially blended spice butter delivers superior fast-acting moisturization, skin barrier function and antioxidant benefits to dry, damaged and irritated skin.

Donkey milk is the most hypoallergenic milk out of all milks and the one closest to human breast milk in its composition. Donkey milk is high in amino acids and antimicrobial proteins, making it highly beneficial to dry skin conditions such as eczema.

They also proceed to say:

Aside from Cleopatra’s routine daily bathing in donkey milk to stave off dryness and keep her skin soft, in Egyptian times donkey milk was used as both an ointment and drunk to help heal reactive skin conditions including eczema and has historically and in modern day been given to babies and children with allergies.

The vitamin C content in donkey milk is almost four times more of cow’s milk. Donkey milk also contains more lactoferrin and lysozyme than cow’s milk. For this reason, it can help skin prone to eczema and helps calm skin irritation.

Turmeric Butter & Hypoallergenic Milk Salve also contains an extract of Cardiospermum halicacabum, which is a natural phytosteroid taken from a  Sri Lankan vine.

Cardiospermum vine extract is known for its potent anti-inflammatory actions on skin prone to eczema and several previous studies have confirmed its ability to reduce inflammation and itching of the skin.

So the question is , what did my mum think of it?!…….

She loves it! 

She  found that the fragrance of the salve was very natural and not too overpowering. She said that was a good thing because it meant that she could wear her usual perfume at the same time as the salve and she didn’t need to worry about the perfume fragrance being drowned out.

She was very impressed with how the salve soaked straight into her skin and it left no sticky or oily residue. I also tried some of the salve on my hands and I found that it left them with a very soft powdery texture which was very pleasant. It’s a far cry from the unpleasant claggy residue that some hand and body creams can leave behind.

At the time of writing this my Mum has been using the salve for about a month and because she always has an itchy back she has primarily been applying it to her back (She uses a long handled lotion applicator to apply the salve).  She is astonished because she has found that the salve has really made a big difference to the amount of itchiness she is experiencing. She is delighted about this and has said she would definitely consider buying more salve in the future.

Also, I think she secretly feels rather royal when using the salve as it contains donkey milk and as we all know Cleopatra, Queen of Ancient Egypt, used to bathe in donkey milk.

My mum thinks the price point is just right. It’s £9.95 for a 75ml tube of Hydrosil Turmeric Butter & Hypoallergenic Milk Salve  from Personally I thought that maybe that was a bit expensive for a small tube but my mum has assured me that it isn’t. She says that not only does a little go a long way but the salve does what it says it will and it stops itching. So for that reason she would very happily by more of the salve in the future when the tube runs out – which isn’t yet. If it was me it would probably only last a week as I am always too heavy-handed when applying body creams!

So all in all, we are very impressed by this salve and would recommend you give it a go.  If you would like to read another account of someone that recommends the product go to this article >> Mother, 46, whose eczema was so painful she struggled to cook or dress herself reveals her skin cleared within WEEKS thanks to a £9.95 salve made from donkey milk

To place an order for this product go to the following link >>

Thanks so much to SkinShop for sending this salve to my mum for review. She has spent ages buying and trying different products to help the itching on her back and this Hydrosil Turmeric Butter & Hypoallergenic Milk Salve  is one of the first ones to make a real difference.

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