Review Of Secret Projects Indian Cotton Scrap Bundle. Secret Projects empowers women in India through the making and selling of clothing and homeware

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If you love sewing , like I do, I know you will adore this product I am going to introduce you all to today! The product I am talking about is the Indian Cotton Scrap Bundle from Secret Projects. It is £10 with £3.50 P+P within the UK. The bundle is designed as an educational resource which would be perfect for schools and colleges but as far as I’m aware anybody is able to buy them from the Secret Projects website….so sewists , home educators and teachers rejoice!

Secret Projects empowers women in India through the making and selling of clothing and homeware. I have reviewed for them in the past. Click here to see my red and white polka dot Secret Pillow review >>

Secret Projects is a social business whose goal is to unfold women’s power in India through the making and selling of clothing and homeware. Their vision is a world in which all women have the confidence and resources to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. The company was founded by Fritha Vincent in 2014 (She’s such an amazing lady!).  She started selling Secret Pillows, a cushion that unfolds into a blanket, after discovering that there were many women in India who have tailoring skills but no means of earning an income from these skills.

The company works with women in areas where there are very few income-generating opportunities and high unemployment. They then teach them to make Secret Pillows and they then pay their producers more than twice the minimum wage for the products they make. The money they earn enables them to pay for their children to go to school, food, medicine and other basic living costs.

fabric scraps secret projects

The company kindly gifted me the bundle of Indian Cotton fabric scraps so I can use them with my home-educated daughter in some crafty projects. The scraps are left over from projects made by the ladies in India.

Sadly we haven’t yet got round to completing any sewing projects with the scrap fabrics but that’s not from lack of enthusiasm on my daughter’s part – it’s purely because I haven’t recently had much spare time to sit and sew – as I’d hoped I would. However the Christmas holiday is fast approaching and I am going to be making time to get my new sewing machine out for her to have a go at making things.

fabric scraps secret projects

I’m afraid I am still upset at the moment because my treasured brother self-threading sewing machine recently packed up that my mum bought me for my 21st birthday (shock horror – 14 years ago!) and I’ve had to then invest in a new machine. However I had to buy one without the self thread functionality as you can no longer buy the exact same machine. Not surprising really as I’d had the machine for so long but it really was my pride and joy and when it packed up I took it to a sewing machine specialist and he said it just couldn’t be saved. So although I am very lucky to have been able to buy a new sewing machine  I am quite frankly still sulking because I had wanted to keep my old one forever. It was so simple to use and I knew it so well but now I need to spend time adjusting to my new one and to be honest I have been putting it off a bit. However I will definitely be getting it up and running soon so we can create some craft projects using these special Indian cotton fabrics that we’ve been sent by Secret Projects.

The fabric scrap bundles they sell are all different and it’s the luck of the draw as to which fabric designs you’ll get or how many pieces. However the weight of each material bundle should be approx 300g which normally equates to 30 larger scraps and 10 smaller scraps.    The photos below show you what I received in my pack – such a lovely mixture!

There are lots of things that we could make from these scraps but one of the items we are hoping to make is some syringe driver bags. We have seen that our local hospital, NNUH, are in need of some so when we get the sewing machine out that will be our first project.

fabric scraps secret projects

Another thing we’d like to make is some hair scrunchies – we’ve made some before using fabric scraps and they turned out perfectly. My daughter has her eye on the lovely bright yellow coloured flamingo fabric for this scrap busting project!

In the selection of fabrics there was also a couple of pieces of camo style fabric, I might try and make my dad something with those as he likes to go fishing and sometimes he wears that kind of camo design when he goes.

My personal favourite fabric we were sent was the  piece of vibrant red and orange ikat fabric. Ikat is a dyeing technique used to create pattern on textiles which have first undergone ‘resist dyeing’ on the yarns prior to dyeing and weaving the fabric. This photo shows a Secret Pillow that Secret Projects sell that is made from it >>  It’s really lovely to think that I have a scrap of the fabric that made that cushion. If you’re a fabricholic like me you will love the fact that you can add to your fabric stash in such an affordable way. Plus it is was wonderful to receive the parcel as it was actually sent to me straight from India!

fabric scraps secret projects

As well as the Indian Cotton scrap bundle they also sell Sari Scraps, Wadding Scraps and Prayer Flag Scraps. All items can be seen here >>

Secret Projects have recently launched a clothing range, Secret Clothes, to enable the women to develop their sewing skills.  So far they have trained over 500 women in India in 6 different states. For every 3 Secret Pillows they make they can invite one more woman onto their training programme which enables them to start realising their dream of becoming financially independent. Click here to find out more about our training programme.

I could go on and on about how amazing this company is! However instead I will just urge you to pop over to their website and take a look at all the info on there. If you fancy buying something they have many products that I’m sure you’ll love. There’s the fabric scraps of course but other than that there are also secret pillows (I was sent one to review in 2018 and they are superb. By day they are a cushion and by night they unfold to become a quilt. I have mine in my camper van), secret sari dresses, shopping bags, scarves, socks and cosmetic bags. All of these items would be perfect to buy for friends and family as a Christmas gift.  Prices vary and there is something to suit every budget. All of their products are sent out with a Production Certificate with the details of the Maker who made that particular product. You can then visit their website and read more about the Maker Group that the woman belongs to. It’s a lovely touch to receive this certificate with your product.

Secret Projects has recently undergone a transformation and is now registered as a Community Benefit Society. Click here to find out why this change has happened. They are currently inviting customers and social investors to invest and own Secret Projects. Each share will be £10 – there is a minimum of 5 shares per person (£50) and maximum of £15,000. Adults and children can own shares.  Click here to find out more about their Investment Offer. The video below explains more >>

As you’ll see it is a very worthwhile investment becoming an investor or investing in a Secret Projects product. You can make such a difference to these women’s lives.

The Secret Projects website address is and you can find them on social media too. Please stop by their accounts and give them a follow.

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Thank you Secret Projects for gifting us the fabric scraps to review. Once we have made some things with them we will add the pictures into this blog post and share them with you on social media. 

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