Christmas Gift Idea! Gift Set Of 44% ABV Fruit Flavoured Palinka from Szicsek Palinka

Szicsek Palinka

Christmas is nearly here which means everyone is feeling in a festive mood – especially my Aunty and Uncle as they have been gifted the most wonderful Palinka gift set and some Palinka Chocolates by the lovely team over at Szicsek Palinka.

If you’ve never heard of Palinka before it is Hungarian Fruit Brandy.  My Aunty and Uncle had never heard of this type of alcohol before and there was once a time when I too didn’t know much about Palinka but I have been lucky enough to review for this amazing business 2 times before and so by now I have learnt more about it.

The last 2 times the alcohol has been gifted to me for review I have passed it on to my brother to try out and on this occasion – as my relatives were coming down for a pre-Christmas visit – I asked the Szicsek Palinka team if it would be okay to pass this brilliant Christmas gift set onto my Aunty and Uncle and they ever so kindly agreed that it was okay. I’m not much of a spirits drinker myself but if I was this would definitely be a great tipple to treat myself too! It’s strong and a little goes a long way plus it’s something a little bit different which always makes a nice change.

Szicsek Palinka

Palinka is one of the most famous alcoholic drinks in Hungary, and Szicsek Palinka aim to preserve and pass over the tradition of Palinka making and the incredible atmosphere surrounding this noble spirit. They are a family run business who have been making Award Winning Palinka for over 30 years.

Their drinks are made from 100% fruit, with no sugars or aromas added to ensure the finest quality. As several different fruits can be used to craft it, their range consequently offers a wide array of delicious flavours.

I gave this lovely gift set to my Aunty and Uncle the weekend before last and they adored it. They were so delighted to know that Szicsek Palinka had gifted this to them to try out and they felt thoroughly spoilt! Thanks so much team Szicsek Palinka!

My relatives have had lots of holidays and cruises abroad over the years but had not once come across Palinka so they couldn’t wait to try it out.


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This wonderful set of Hungarian Fruit Brandy has been #gifted to me for review on my blog by @szicsekpalinkaengland. This palinka set comes in an engraved wooden box and it costs £41.00 ( The 100g Grape Palinka Dark Chocolate Liquor are £4.99 ( These alcoholic products would be perfect to buy this Christmas for someone who you know loves spirits. This is one of their luxury sets — they also have cheaper ( equally wonderful) sets that cost £13.99 for 3 mini palinka bottles — great if you are on a budget. This year will be the 3rd time we’ve been lucky enough to receive items from Szicsek Palinka to review on my blog. The last 2 times I gave the items to my brother but this time they are going to my Aunty and Uncle — I cannot wait to see their faces when I give this to them next week! They know all about my blog and I know they’ll be delighted to receive these. Huge Thank You to the Szicsek Palinka team! ♥️ Our review will be live in the next week or so. #Christmas #ChristmasChocolate #ChristmasDrink #Alcohol #Palinka #SzicsekPalinka #ChristmasGifts #Xmas #XmasGifts

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The gift set contained 6 small 40ml bottles of premium Palinka 44% ABV in a variety of different flavours. There was Sour Cherry, Pear, Apple, Grape, Raspberry and Plum.  The Christmas Palinka set comes in an engraved wooden box and it costs £41.00 ( and the 100g Grape Palinka Dark Chocolate Liquor chocolates are £4.99 (

Szicsek Palinka

My Aunty and Uncle couldn’t believe the different Palinka varieties available for them to try in this set….it really was going to be the perfect introduction to the Palinka spirit.

I was so excited about my family visiting so I could gift them this beautifully presented Palinka set that I even bought some stunning brandy glasses at a car boot for the ‘review’ occasion as I wanted to make the photos look pretty and I didn’t think a standard wine glass would look the same.

When they were at my parent’s house my Aunty and Uncle tried two of the six flavours ( they had a mini bottle each) and they said it was fantastic! They loved the flavours, the aroma and the taste. It was unlike anything they’d had before and they most definitely enjoyed it!

Here is the video of them trying out the Palinka >>

They took the other 4 mini Palinka bottles and the box of Palinka chocolates home with them so they can enjoy them with family over Christmas. I was also lucky as they already had special brandy glasses at home to drink their Palinka in which meant I got to keep these new crystal brandy glasses for myself which was great as I had rather taken a fancy to them.  Just so you know, Palinka is normally drunk from a tulip shaped brandy glass and if you don’t have one of those you can buy them on the website for £4.99 each.

Szicsek Palinka

They were visiting us all for a few days and we spoke about the Palinka every day that they were here as they thought it was such a wonderful surprise that this had been gifted to them by the company. This means that a Palinka Gift Set really would make an ideal gift for someone you want to treat this Christmas.  If you would like to buy their special ‘Merry Christmas’ engraved wooden box gift set click here >> If however you happen to be reading this review once Christmas has been and gone then no worries as they also sell the same gift set in a plain wooden gift box and that is £38.99. The link to purchase that is here >>

Szicsek Palinka

My Uncle told me he wants to claim the wooden gift box for himself when it is empty so he can put his fly fishing ties in it!  He is very passionate about his fishing so he must really love the wooden box if he wants to upcycle it.  The other option, instead of upcycling the box, is to refill it with more miniature palinka bottles. Szicsek Palinka sell gift sets of 3 mini bottles of Palinka for £13.99 – so they could always buy a couple of those and fill the box back up again ready for a special occasion.

Szicsek Palinka

I am so thankful to the Szicsek Palinka team for giving me the opportunity to gift this Palinka set to my family this Christmas!  You can take it from me, it makes an amazing Christmas Gift! 🎁 The look on their face when I gave this to them was unforgettable.

To place an order please head to the website. The url is To read all about the history of the Szicsek Palinka distillery and their company please visit

Their palinka is multi award-winning and we are not surprised in the slightest! I’ve heard from both my brother and his wife and my aunty and uncle that it’s a great quality spirit. Personally I would be none the wiser as I am not much of an alcohol drinker however I do know fantastic customer service when I see it and the Szicsek Palinka team are great examples of a small business that excel at treating their customers well. Read the reviews left for them on Trust Pilot, Amazon and Yumbles.

Please stop by and follow their company on social media. You can find them on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

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