Review Of FM World Perfume Samples From Be Belle. Utique Flamingo, FM 823 (Inspired by Tom Ford F*****g Fabulous), FM 372 (Inspired by Creed Aventus for Her) and Pure Home Wardrobe Fragrance,

Be Belle FM Perfumes

I was very lucky to be contacted by Becki from Be Belle FM World on Instagram and she asked if I fancied trying out some of her FM World perfumes to review on my blog. I jumped at the chance as I love fragrances and have quite a collection. Some more expensive than others…but each one I love!

My absolute favourite perfume is Hugo Boss Intense For Women but that is now discontinued and recently I paid a pretty penny on ebay to buy a big bottle of it as I just HAD to have it because it brings back treasured memories. That is the thing about fragrance, it evokes memories and feelings and it can instantly transport you back in time. There’s not many things that can do that…but a whiff of a perfume can!

If you too are a fragrance lover and like to regularly treat yourself to a new bottle of scent then you will adore Becki and her Be Belle direct selling business! Becki sells affordable perfumes from FM World and many of them smell very similar to popular perfumes that you probably already buy…but for a lot more money!

If you get in touch with Becki on social media – either on Instagram >> or on Facebook >> she can let you know which ‘Federico Mahora’ (FM World) perfumes she sells that smell alike to the ones you normally buy.

Before you read my reviews of the perfumes that Becki sent me please let me hold my hands up and say I don’t know all the fancy words to describe perfumes…such as talking about basenotes, etc. Basically for me it is all about whether I personally like the scent or not. I will describe them as best I can but  that doesn’t mean that is actually what the perfume smells like. If you would like in depth information about each scent please get in touch with Becki and she will be able to let you know.

Be Belle FM Perfumes

Also please note that the links in this post are not affiliate links. I am not a member of an FM World team (although it certainly sounds like  a great way to make money from home and on social media!) so I will not actually benefit directly from you getting in touch with Becki and purchasing any of these perfumes. If however you are thinking of joining the FM World company you can send an email to Becki on the email address below and she can tell you all about the business and how you can make money by selling these designer inspired scents to others.

Be Belle FM Perfumes

Now on to the review. 🙂

Becki kindly gifted me a 15ml spray bottle of Utique Flamingo Parfum and it is amazing! Firstly, I adore the packaging of the perfume and I love the fact that it comes in a lightweight plastic bottle and not a glass one as it means it weighs less in my handbag.  Always a bonus!

The Utique flamingo fragrance definitely smells luxurious and when I first sprayed it I loved it instantly. The scent is fruity, smells sweet like watermelons, it had a powdery scent and it was a very noticeable fragrance when sprayed onto my skin and clothing. In my opinion, it is in no way overpowering but the scent does lighten up and change a bit during wear…it seems sweeter in the end. Which I love! This is definitely a perfume that I would choose to wear.

Be Belle FM Perfumes

Here is the real description of it from the FM World website :-

  • Collection: Utique
  • Capacity: 15ml
  • Fragrance: 20%
  • Type: charming, seductive like a forbidden fruit

UTIQUE is the highest quality in the world of luxury perfumes and cosmetics, providing a bouquet of special, sensual experiences. Meet UTIQUE FLAMINGO – the scent of an undiscovered paradise. Mysterious and undeniably charming. Essence of innocence and class.

Fragrance Notes:
Head: Rosa Mosqueta, blackberry sorbet, green notes
Heart: Damask Rose, jasmine, apricot
Base: woody notes, crystal rose chord, musk

This 15ml bottle has an RRP of £18.50.

Be Belle FM Perfumes

I loved the presentation of the two little perfume samples that Becki gifted to me. She had put them in a sweet little organza bag and hand written a tag to say which scent smells like which designer perfume. The cut out heart on the tag was a lovely touch! It’s always so obvious when someone loves the job they are doing and there is no mistaking from the posts on Becki’s social media and the presentation of these samples that she truly loves the job she has!

Each sample vial is about 1.2ml and it provides just enough fragrance to be able to smell and try out a fragrance for yourself before going ahead and making a purchase of a bigger bottle. If you ever fancy trying a sample of a FM World perfume sometimes Becki can send out free little samples for you to try. Check out her Sample Sunday Instagram post below.

The sample vials sent to me were FM World 823 and FM World 372. These are described as smelling like the following designer scents. 823 is similar to Tom Ford F****ng Fabulous and 372 is similar to Creed Aventus for Her.

I do not know what either of the designer scents like so I cannot pass judgement on their similarity however I can let you know my personal opinions of the scents.

I had a sniff of FM 823 and knew instantly that it wasn’t a scent I’d choose to wear (So sorry Becki! You were so kind sending me the sample). I found it to be a unisex scent that was just too heady and I kept getting an almondy scent – which isn’t a smell I’m keen on. Even though it wasn’t a fragrance that I would want to wear – it wasn’t horrible or anything. It just wasn’t my cup of tea. It seemed to be very aromatic and distinctive.  This FM World scent is inspired by Tom Ford F****ng Fabulous and that particular designer perfume retails at £218 for 50ml! This FM World perfume sells for £23.50 for 50ml. Quite a saving if this is your kind of scent!

The FM website describes FM823 as follows:

  • Collection: Pure Royal
  • Capacity: 50ml
  • Fragrance: 20%
  • Type: decadent, luxurious, controversial

Fragrance notes:
Head: wild lavender, clary sage
Heart: vanilla blossom, iris, almond (I’m so happy that I managed to sniff out this scent …..event though I’m not keen on it! There’s hope yet that one day I’ll be a perfume guru!)
Base: cashmere musk, tonka bean, leather, ambergris

Be Belle FM Perfumes

The moment I had a smell of FM 372 I loved it! It’s exactly my kind of perfume.  I found it to be just the right strength – not too overpowering but still it was noticeable. A perfect signature scent. It was sweet, feminine, fruity and perfect for daytime wear. Even after time had passed the scent still smelled divine. This is a perfume I would definitely wear.

This FM World scent is inspired by Creed Aventus for Her and that particular designer perfume retails at £244 for 75ml! This FM World perfume sells for £14.90 for 50ml. Another massive saving if this is the kind of fragrance you want to wear.

The FM website describes FM372 as follows:

  • Collection: Pure
  • Capacity: 50ml
  • Type: elegant, classic, balanced

Fragrance notes:
Head: patchouli, green apple, bergamot, lemon, pink pepper
Heart: sandalwood, rose, musk
Base: peach, blackcurrant, lily, ylang-ylang, amber  (Again, I’m very happy to have spotted the fruitiness in the perfume! )

Be Belle FM Perfumes

The final product that Becki sent to me to try out was the Federico Mahora Wardrobe Fragrance in scent Pure Home. This retails at £4.50.  It is designed to hang in your wardrobe alongside your clothes to gradually impart scent into the wardrobe space. I love this idea of this but if I’m honest I rarely wear clothes that are hanging in my wardrobe and instead stick to clothes that I have stored in my IKEA boxes in my room. So instead of putting the wardrobe fragrance in my bedroom I instead opted to put it in my downstairs small bathroom alongside all my coats.

Upon opening the packet I really wasn’t keen on this scent and I found it to be a very manly and strong perfume so I was a bit dubious about hanging it up with my coats but after a day of having it hanging on a hook in the bathroom the scent transformed into something entirely different. It was feminine and delicate and a scent I now really like. The bonus of having it in the bathroom is that it has made the bathroom smell lovely! Bet these wardrobe fragrance would also work well in a cloakroom or in the car. Be Belle FM Perfumes

So that’s it for my review. I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on the perfumes kindly sent to me by Be Belle FM World.  It has been so lovely to try out these fragrances. One thing I have discovered is just how expensive some designer scents are… I had no idea that some were over £200 for 50ml!

I did have to pay a lot of money for my 100ml bottle of Hugo Boss Intense because it’s discontinued and hard to find (so I expected that it would have increased in price from the original) but I hadn’t realised that some scents were so eye-wateringly expensive when they are still readily available to buy.  It certainly makes you see why FM World is so popular. If they have perfumes that smell like the designer scents you like to wear then it’s worth buying them from FM World if it means you get to wear the fragrance you like but at a fraction of the price.

To place any FM World orders at Be Belle please send an email to Becki on the email address below or pop over to her social media accounts and send her a message.  I only know her through social media but she seems like a lovely friendly lady who will be very happy to help you find the perfect scent to wear. She puts a lot of effort into her social media and she also runs lots of giveaways and offers on her accounts so she is well worth following.

Instagram >>

Facebook >>

** Thanks Becki for gifting me these products **

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