Review Of Blendi Beans in 4 Different Flavours. The Blendi Beans Roasted Broad Beans and Peas are vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, packed with protein and fibre and, in my o’pea’nion, downright delicious!

Blendi Snacks

Have you ever eaten roasted broad beans or roasted peas? No, neither had I until the lovely Mother and Son team at Blendi Snacks gifted me a selection of their Blendi Beans to try out for my blog. Take a look at the photo below……to see what to expect when you open a packet.This is  the  salted packet.  Blendi Snacks

At first I was slightly dubious because although I liked the sound of all 4 flavours they sent me (Bar -B-Q , Garlic, Red Onion and Salted) I thought to myself that they would probably actually be rather bland or ‘healthy tasting’ and not ‘snack-like’ at all. How wrong was I… wrong!

Blendi Snacks

The flavour packed into each little packet of Blendi roasted broad beans and roasted peas was immense! They are so snackable and moreish and, to be honest, I couldn’t believe just how much I loved them! And not only that….my 10 year old daughter loved them and so did my mum too. You know Blendi Snacks are on to a winner when you realise that they have managed to make roasted legumes so tasty that everyone will happily snack on them like they are nuts. The idea to make them in typical crisp flavours is also ingenious as it’s makes them seem more palatable than just plain roasted beans and peas with no salt or flavouring and it means that people are sure to be intrigued as to what they will taste like.Blendi Snacks

By watching this Instagram video below you will see that so many people liked these Blendi Beans snacks when they tried them for the first time. I am not sure that the code mentioned in the caption is still valid but if you head over and follow the Blendi Snacks company on social media you will be able to keep up to date with any future offer codes. (Links to their social media accounts will be at the end of this review)

The Beans & Peas in each pack are harvested when ripe, cleaned and quickly sent in for a light roast, seasoned and packed in Dublin, (Ireland) where the company is located. The products are sold for €1.95 per 35g bag on their website (which, at the time of writing this post, is GBP £1.66 per pack). Delivery is free if you live within Ireland but if you are in the UK it is a flat rate of 6.95 for delivery (which, at the time of writing this post, is GBP £5.90). Blendi Snacks

Another way to place an order if you are in the UK though is to order online at Amazon via Bayin Foods (Order here >> This way you will get to try the Blendi Beans in a more affordable way as the order is fulfilled by Amazon and they offer free delivery on orders dispatched by Amazon over £20.00. At the time of writing this you can buy a box of 8 mixed flavour Blendi Snacks for £11.49 on Amazon and as it’s free delivery when you spend over £20 you could choose to buy another set so you’d then be getting 16 packs for a total price of £22.98 with free delivery which works out at £1.43 a pack.Blendi Snacks

The Blendi Beans are vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, packed with protein and fibre and, in my o’pea’nion, downright delicious! Such a great snack and one that I would definitely want to eat because they taste nice and not just choose to eat them as they are healthier.

I think that’s an important thing really – we are all guilty of eating these kind of healthier snacks for a little while because we know they are ‘the better choice’ but after a while you can get bored of that and then revert back to your old ways but I can’t see that happening with a product such as this. Blendi Snacks suggest that their ‘Blendi Beans’ are a healthier alternative to crisps but I don’t think that’s why people will continue to eat them in the long term …..people will choose to do that because they are just so delicious and tasty! 

Blendi Snacks is a family owned small Irish business and I think they are destined for great things. I have really enjoyed eating these little packets of deliciousness and I am so grateful that I was given the chance to try them out.

Blendi Snacks

The Blue ‘salted’ pack contains broad beans that have been roasted with the skins on and my mum found that these ‘skin on’ salted beans reminded her of the taste, chunkiness and crunch of pork crackling. I don’t personally eat pork so can’t comment but she was very impressed with this finding! When I tried this salted flavour I tweeted out to say that I thought they were ‘absolutely divine!’ 

The Garlic ‘Broad Beans & Green Peas’ were truly outstanding! Each bean tasted exactly like a mini slice of garlic bread but with a lot less calories! I could eat this pack all day every day! The flavour is strong and punchy which is something I love. Maybe not ideal to eat in the office or on a bus but perfect to snack on while watching a film on Netflix.

Blendi Snacks

The Red Onion ‘Broad Beans & Green Peas’ tasted so much like caramelised red onion chutney to me which is a flavour I adore. The peas are such a fabulous bright green colour! These are a wonderful flavour sensation and I’m sure you’ll love them too.

Blendi Snacks

The Bar-B-Q ‘Broad Beans & Green Peas’ were so delicious! The #bbq flavoured coating on the broad beans adds so much texture & the beans in this packet were yummy and crunchy to eat.  Honestly there is nothing I don’t like about all of the 4 flavours they sent me to try out. They were all different and I would happily munch of any packet of them. 


So to finish my review, I think these Blendi Beans should be stocked everywhere as they are so delicious. We ALL loved them and that makes a change! Sometimes I like something but my daughter doesn’t and vice versa but that wasn’t the case with these. I’d like to say a big Thank You to Blendi Beans for sending these to me for review.

If you have any questions regarding the snacks you can contact the company by calling +353 860716758 or by emailing the address below >>

As I mentioned earlier the best way to keep up to date with the latest Blendi Beans news and offers is by following them on social media. You can find them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Head to their website to place an order or alternatively go to Amazon to shop for them on there

Blendi Snacks

Calling all businesses!!

Blendi are always looking for the right partners to grow their company’s mission. If interested in stocking their products or exploring opportunities with Blendi Snacks please fill out the short form on their website >>

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