Using Natural Aromas in Your Home I would like to bring you this sponsored post by Elgan from In return for me hosting this post about Using natural aromas in your home he has kindly gifted me my very own electric wax melt burner from his online gift shop.

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Using natural aromas in your home

Many people are making the switch from using chemicals to fragrance their homes to instead using more natural products. People are using wax melts, which is made from the exact same material as a candle however the method of using  them is different. A scented candle is required to be burnt to release its aromas while wax melts are gently heated until the wax melts and the fragrance is released into the room.

To heat the wax melts you will need an oil burner or an electric wax melt burner. With an oil burner you use the heat from a tea-light candle to melt the wax, while with an electric wax melt burner a heated plate above the bulb is used to heat the wax melt. Using an electric wax melt burner is a safer option than using an oil burner because there is no open flame required to heat up the wax melts.

wax melts

Why use wax melts instead of scented candles

Most scented candles contain paraffin which can cause harm to people’s health. Paraffin is a concentrate of petroleum and overuse of scented candles in your home can sometimes cause discoloration to your walls and curtains. Wax melts contain no paraffin which makes them a much healthier option to fragrance you’re home.

By using wax melts instead of a scented candle you can expect the wax melt to hold its aroma twice as long.  This means you can save money in the long run by switching over to using wax melts to fragrance your rooms rather than scented candles.

 Using wax melts with yoga and meditation

Many people who practice yoga and meditation will choose to use wax melts to provide a relaxing atmosphere in their space. The presence of natural aromas can help you relax and keep focused. Using certain wax melts can connect you to a memory of a place that you once visited. For example, if you’re using lavender wax melts, it can trigger a memory that reminds you of a place that you visited that had the presence of lavender aroma.

wax melts burner

wax melts burner

The best method of using wax melts

The best method of using wax melts is with an electric wax melt burner. It is a convenient way to heat your wax melts…at a switch of a button. Some people might not be able to use an oil burner or a scented candle in the presence of children so an electric wax melt burner is the perfect alternative as it has no open flame to worry about. 

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