What are salt lamps and how are they made? Find out now!

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Himalayan salt lamp

What are salt lamps and how are they made?

A salt lamp is made from chunks of Himalayan salt which is mined in the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan, the salt was formed millions of years ago. It has a pink colour to it and has a beautiful glow when lit up.

The chunks of salt are handcrafted into the shape of a lamp and the inside is hollowed out to fit a lighting fixture. A wooden base is then added to hold everything together. There are different colours of salt that is mined and the most popular is the pink salt which has an orange glow when lit, but there is also white and grey salt.

In recent years, Himalayan salt lamps have gained popularity due to their acclaimed health benefits. Every salt lamp is one of a kind as it has been handcrafted.

You can also purchase Himalayan salt candle holders that are just as stunning as salt lamps. Having these salt lamps in your home will bring a relaxing feel to your surroundings.

Himalayan salt lamp
Salt lamps health benefits

There are many associated health benefits with salt lamps. One example is that people who struggle with anxiety or depression use these salt lamps to help them relax.
It’s also claimed that salt lamps create negative ions, which react to dust, pollen and dirt in the air. This is very beneficial for people struggling with asthma and hayfever. It is believed that lamps can help clear the air in your home and also reduce pollution from electrical goods.

A salt lamp can also be used as a mini humidifier as it attracts moisture. People that live in a damp house will notice the salt is dripping from the lamp and some water will gather around the wooden base.

These lamps are a perfect nightlight as the glow is not too bright plus they come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes.

Himalayan salt lamp
Salt lamps are measured by their weight – the smallest one weighs around 1 kg (this size would be perfect on a dining table or on a mantelpiece) and the largest lamp goes up to appro 50 Kg (which would be great as a free-standing lamp).

They also come in all sorts of shapes, you can get heart-shaped, leaf, dolphin, turtle and much more. These lamps usually come with a USB cable making them perfect for plugging into your computer. These are perfect for reducing the stress levels in your office.

If you’re looking to purchase a salt lamp be sure to visit the lamp life.

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