Review of Subbytech Pink Portable Power Bank and 1 Metre USB Type C Nylon Braided Cable

Firstly I would like to say thank you to Subbytech for not only being wonderful and gifting me this gorgeous pink powerbank and USB Type C cables to review but also for their patience in waiting for me to feature their product on my blog.

They kindly gifted it to me at the beginning of March and I used it a lot to try it out ready for my review. As a freelance social media manager I try to not go anywhere without a portable power bank as I would hate to run out of battery and not receive my emails or be able to update my client’s social media accounts. Plus , as a mum and daughter I feel that I need the peace of mind that comes with knowing that my mobile is fully charged so I can phone out for help in an emergency or be contactable if I’m needed.  As soon as this arrived I took it out and about with me on day trips to the city etc and then I took it on holiday too….another time that it’s always vital I carry a power bank with me.

Anyway, I was all set to sort out the review and then Covid-19 hit! I lost loads of social media work for a while, stopped going out and about and thus stopped using the powerbank as much as I had been and sadly it slipped my mind to get the review up as planned. If I’m honest I just neglected my blog altogether really….which was very much the wrong thing to do but I was in panic mode and just trying to keep it all together until lockdown was over…..but that ended up being a lot longer than I think any of us anticipated! Anyhow, I’m now back on track and sitting here typing this to let you all know that not only is Subbytech a great company but their powerbank and cables are top quality! Plus I’d like to apologise to them for the delay. I’m so sorry Subbytech for taking so long to write this up for you.

I was #gifted the portable pink 10000 mAh power pack (worth £28.99 but currently on offer for £25.99) which came with short charging cables >> 1 x USB to USB Type C charging cable , 1 x USB to iPhone lightning charging cable and 1 x USB to Micro USB charging cable and they were also really lovely and #gifted me a longer 1 metre USB C nylon braided cable too (worth £4.99).


Straight away I fell in love with the portable power bank as it was lightweight (which is very important when you have to carry it around in your handbag all day!) and had a digital display to show how full the battery is plus it even came fully charged which was a huge bonus! I needed to use the USB to USB Type C cable to connect the power bank to my Moto G7 power mobile phone when I wanted to boost my mobile battery when out of the house. To replenish the charge on the power pack you need to connect the USB to Micro USB cable to a USB plug (not supplied – but you could just use a USB port on your laptop etc) and then you charge it via the mini HDMI port. It’s really simple to do.

The power bank is available in 4 different colours: Blue, White Pink and Black.  They all have the same features but you can just choose to buy the one that’s your favourite colour.  Here is the website description for the portable power pack:

10,000mAh mobile phone portable charger comes with 3 FREE charging cables as standard :  
1 x 30cm USB to USB Type C charging cable 
1 x 30cm USB to iPhone lightning charging cable
1 x 30cm USB to Micro USB charging cable 

Dimension:   127mm Length x 70mm Width x 16mm Height

1. Uses brand new and original battery, A+ grade.
2. Huge capacity power bank with with 2 USB outputs, micro USB and Apple Lightning inputs
3. Durable and long lasting exterior, finished in 3 stunning looking colours.
4. Powerful battery backup with long operation time to ensure you #neverrunoutofbatteryagain
5. Electricity-saving function – when your Subbytech charger is fully charged, it stops drawing power from the socket.
6. User friendly, no on or off buttons. Just plug in your lead and the charger will automatically start charging. Take you leads out and it will shut down automatically after 25 seconds.
7. Charge your mobile phone AND your friends phone or device too, any where, any time! It’s one seriously handy portable charger.
8. Overheating protection – Built in safety protocols stops your portable charger from overheating.
9. Over charge protection – When your device is charged, the portable charger automatically stops drawing power, thanks to inbuilt overcharge safety protocols.
10. Peace of mind with our 6 month warranty.

The website description for the nylon braided cable is as follows:

Premium Braided Nylon USB C cable from Subbytech. Strong and durable. Engineered with a tough braided nylon braid to resist damage from the outside, compared to plastic coated cables from other manufacturers.

  • Incredible Durability with our Nylon Braided technology
  • Save more £££’s when you get a Dual pack or a Triple pack. Choose your pack deal from the cable length section above!
  • 8 Month Warranty
  • 100% Money back guarantee 
  • Award winning company 
  • 99% of our total reviews, are 5 stars! There’s a reason for that!
  • Brilliant Customer Service for peace of mind
  • Affordable technology you can rely on!
  • The best USB C cable, according to our customer reviews

If you are looking for a durable power bank with a high battery capacity then you can’t really go wrong with this one from Subbytech. It does exactly what it needs to do and because of the digital display if even shows you when you need to charge it back up again.  The nylon braided cable is also great because I have found that it doesn’t get as tangled up as plastic coated wires normally do. I was sent a 1 metre cable but they also have them available in 30cms, 2m and then bundles of mixed lengths.

To purchase the portable power bank you need to go to this link >>

To purchase the nylon braided cables  you need to go to this link >>

Subbytech is a small business based in Ireland and it is run by Paul McCaw. He is a lovely friendly man who I have spoken to on Twitter and it was him that kindly agreed to gift me the powerbank and cables for review. You can read more about him and his business in this article >> His aim is to make sure that no-one ever runs out of battery again!

Please take a moment to support Subbytech by following them on social media. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

** Thanks Paul for sending me your products to review **

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